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Help with Wundersys please

GamoneterikGamoneterik Member Posts: 118 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
I've been sitting on my ship creating a new system from scratch with a new profile, and Wundersys as my base instead of svo, which I have used for a million years, and nothing else.

Any and all help with this would be appreciated. I am a coding noob and all round noob, and currently having a few minor issues which are impactful enough to leave me on my ship, unable to venture into the worlds because of all the pointy things out there.

Current issue: I'm positive I've replaced all my previous queueing things I used from send("queue add eqbal tunesmith soulpiercer accentato/jab Jinsun prefarar") to wsys.doadd(niceCode.." Jinsun.."/chortle") etc. and so forth. However, I currently seem to have a few things which have been stuck in Wundersys' dorepeat queue, or something, and everytime I script something to wsys.doadd("stuff"), it fires something else, which I can see that Wundersys assigns to ingame aliases such as dofree1, dofree2 and dor.

Halp please. I am even willing to pay someone in credits for the time to walk me through stuff, and just help me understand things a bit as they are fixed. Then I can go back to being a loldamage pain in the arse for everyone.

Cheers bigearses.
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