How long does it generally take for bugs to be responded to? (Registration issue)

Ex MKOer here, been struggling with registering my character, I'm not getting a registration confirmation through and I've tried several times. Done all the things it says in HELP REGISTRATION but still not getting anywhere. Definitely spelt my e-mail address correctly, the e-mails are definitely not in my junk folder, I've tried registering from within mudlet, on the nexus client and on the IRE app and just not getting a confirmation e-mail through at all. Aside from the "[Urgent]: Our records show that you have not yet confirmed your registration for this character by clicking on the link sent to the email address you provided. Please read HELP REGISTRATION for more information on what you need to do." message driving me insane popping up all the time, I have retired credits I want to use, which obviously I need to do before my newbie is over 30 days old, so back to my actual question, how long do bugs generally take to be responded to? Is it possible I could be waiting over 30 days? I did ask over NEWBIE and was told to bug it if I'd not received anything within 24 hours e-mail wise, is bug the best way to get this sorted or should I have ISSUED?

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  • Thank you, that's brilliant. I was worried Bug wasn't quite right for this issue but just went by what I was told on Newbie.
  • ISSUE ME fixed it pretty much instantly, thanks guys. Bug has been deleted and I'm all sorted :D
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