Doublestab specifics

Fourth batch of classleads:

* DOUBLESTAB has had its dex scaling adjusted. 

What exactly does that mean? Anybody tested times out yet? 
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    ACC tested this a bit. I felt that unartied and level 1 both felt great at 16 dex and actually competitive. Below are numbers from @Jarrod:

    To reach DSTAB speed cap, you need:

    Level 0 + 18 DEX 
    Level 1 + 17 DEX
    Level 2 + 16 DEX
    Level 3 + 15 DEX

    As you can see, scaling is much better now, and every level of dirk is relevant. Without DEX arties at all (16 DEX max unartied), you still cap at:

    Level 0 : 2.38
    Level 1 : 2.18
    Level 2 : 2.10
    Level 3 : 2.00

    Note that the above balance times are without nimble. 

  • Ok, doesn't sound so different. One question to clarify though: 

    In the first section you say cap reached w/ Level 2 + 16 dex. But then in second section you say w/ 16 dex there's a difference between level 2 and 3. Seems contrary.

    Before the change it used to be that 15 dex and level 3 was .1 faster than level 2 and 16 dex - i.e. the cap at w/ level 3 was slightly better so there was a reason for people to buy the level 3. 

    So I guess bottom line question is: is 15+ dex and level 3 = 16+ dex and level 2 ?
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    T fang is always better. Always.

    The speed cap for level 1, 2 and unartied is 2.1 pre nimble. T fang raises that cap to 2.0. 

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    For reference, you needed 20 dex to cap with a non Artie dirk before this change, which is arguably unattainable without huge credit investment. 

  • Only way to cap without artied dirk previously was with either an Icon or a heavy gleam addiction in addition to a 2500cr artefact.
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  • and in that case you coulda just bought a t fang. :D

  • Or laytronite!
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