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After making custom buttons for my attack routine and tapping, a lil black screen keeps popping up after I tap them a few times, namely thrust,thrust,pester. It obscures the background text(action) which is akin to being blind in-game and forces me to tap elsewhere on screen. It keeps reappearing like a pop-up ad and Ive changed settings, even tried altering through the menu/compass. I just need to disable it and I will be good to go. How can I do this? Please help.

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  • Also its a screen with text describing exactly how I made custom buttons in the first place. "You can now customise these buttons...etc"
  • SzanthaxSzanthax San Diego
    Is the first one normal and the second not?  Seems like it's giving you a hint in the second so maybe disabling hints or something? No nexusing idea :(

  • Yes, thats exactly what im talking about but I have checked, double checked. Nothing related to it in the help or settings. Most encounters now are more or less a blind fight to the death because of it. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. Also, im debating changing client due to this and the 5 other issues plaguing me. Awesome game, loving the abiliy to explore sapience while on a plane or chillin anywhere. More fun than Pokemon Go by a long shot. Just a few things have to be fixed on my end before long. Hoping a nexus wielding expert comes along soon.
  • edited August 2016
    Unfortunately, as far as I know it is something that just happens without any way of preventing it. I've found the best thing to do is keep your pointer as far away from the buttons as possible when not actually clicking on them. When it happens, the only way to fix it is reloading the page. I started using my function keys just to avoid the problem as much as possible, and have had very few occurrences since then.  

    And now that I actually looked at your pictures I see you're on mobile. Don't know how to fix that one, my bad. 
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