Is my understanding of Stats wrong?

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I recall a snippet of forum conversation from a while ago regarding Sylvan's and their damage.

There was some talk about how it's pointless to raise Intelligence above a certain number because it does nothing. 

Does it really do nothing to your damage, or does it simply start to suffer diminishing returns and that it does, in fact, provide a boost to damage (even if smaller than the previous point)?

Edit: Or, option three, is this specific to Sylvans? Makes no sense that it would be, but stranger things have happened.


  • Diminishing returns after a certain point. Calling @Sena

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    Eventually when you hit a certain ceiling (usually 16-17 int), you'll start getting less back per int that you add than you did with the first chunk. You'll never just get "nothing", though (but obviously, the high you get and the more expensive int is to gain, the less it might become worth it).

    That said, old Sylvan at least still benefited from that extra int, as do magi. I imagine the new version of it does as well, from what I've heard of weatherweaving.
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  • Above INT 12, you have consistently decreasing returns for every stat point. Yes, a 21 INT Sylvan will still do more damage than a 20 INT Sylvan, but the difference will be smaller than it is for 20 INT versus 19 INT.

    It affects both Strength stuff and Intelligence stuff. With the sort-of-not-really exception of dragons, who treat diminishing returns scaling as if 18 STR/INT was 12 for determining how much of a boost they get.
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  • Thank you very much.
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