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So this is something I've been wondering about for a while, just from reading other people's logs, but has come up again as I've started to try to get more serious about combat. How do you keep track of your stuff, be it limbs, afflictions, fractures, and so on? Obviously this can range from using an aff tracker in a window, setting your prompt, some fancier GUI things, etc.

Whether you've got some super cool set-up with all the bells and whistles or you're a badass who don't need no info and you do it all in your head, share it here! I know some people are kinda guarded about sharing this sort of thing, so maybe if you don't feel like posting a log of yours in action or a screenshot (or maybe in addition to that) just share little description of how your setup works, if it makes you more comfortable. I think this would be a great way for those of us newer to combat to get an idea of some things they could do to make it all easier to manage.

To start us off, here's what I'm using(AK 4.1, @Kasa's limbcounter(not shown), someone else's limbcounter that I got secondhand, sprinkled with some colorful echoes):

Ignore me being bad at bard...


  • A clown blew up on your screen, how do you deal with that? Red text on yellow highlight's brutal on the eyes! I'd go nuts with that prompt, too, your poor eyesight :( 
  • Huh, never thought about it, I guess. I assumed having to take epilepsy medication and sit in a dark room for half an hour after pvp was normal. A decent bit of that is just the way AK colors things, and some of it is echoes I already had that give it that effect. 

    I'm curious what you mean about the prompt, though! I've spent so much time trying to make it as easy to understand while still being small enough that it doesn't usually spill over into two lines.
  • Lots of different colours, odd contrasts (green, yellow, magenta, dark grey)! 
  • Its hard to take a screenshot of but I use...

    *Thinks to self* "Okay you hit his right leg three times, now match the left.. Okay back to the right, but were we at three or four? I think four, lets give him two more then bring right up to speed.. Oh he broke early. Let's try that again.. Oh no I don't remember where the other leg is at.."

    Kinda basic-ish. Will post screenshot of GUI later when I'm done rewriting it.
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    Will put together a log or two showing what I have. I'm in the planning phase of adding some things that should help me keep track of things I'm not always the best at keeping track of (read: I've been lazy and haven't done the simple coding). I don't have a GUI, though, or use affliction tracking, so mine is just a combination of colours, echoes and custom prompt to give me information I need.
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