Mark and Dauntless System Overhaul

Hi! I was looking at the Mark system and remembered a post I made a year ago on how to adjust it to create a better sense of community and competition within the organisation. This post could also now be applied to the Dauntless. 

"Some form of opt-in infamy might be more appropriate for the Marks that are only Marks to expose themselves to fighting rather than being efficient at completing contracts, instead of having 'levels' of Marks. Although the idea has merit, now that I think about it - similar to the way it functions for Quisalis den and Matsu's Temple: Initiates of the Quisalis/Ivory, all the way up to Champions of the Mark. You have to work your way up through the ranks in order to become a Champion, and only Champions are able to accept contracts. Then it also creates some sense of community in the organisations. "

I know that the Dauntless was introduced essentially as my point #1, but then I realised that we could still just as easily apply point #2 to both the Dauntless (opt-in Infamy) and Quisalis/Ivory Marks. The only thing is, an idea like this would never take off without the participation of both Admin and the players high up in all three of these organisations. If the current players in those organisations have no interest, then there's no point. However, if there is interest, then I think this could be a good avenue to pursue as an interesting event for everyone involved in the orgs and provide (potentially) a greater level of immersion for people that use the Mark system.
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