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Post Your Ship Info!

IsmayIsmay Member Posts: 806 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
As I posted before, I've decided to buy myself a ship. My experience in sailing is severely lacking, as I've only sailed while playing in Mhaldor, and I only really fired a weapon then.

It would be wonderful to get a real idea of startup costs, aside from what math I can do based on help files and the listing that includes crew for hire at this harbour.

For me, I pretty sure I want the following:

Strider - 5 million


Shipmates, crewmates, and swashbucklers (though there is no explanation of what the swashbucklers actually do, so I'm not sure if I need these or not?) Based on the "recommended" number of crew for the strider, I'll need 8 shipmates, though I am not sure if that also applies to the other types of crew. I'm guessing it does. So - 68k for 8 of each type.


Onager - 450k

Ballista - 295k (Can you have 2 of these, or would I need to get the Arcanian Arms to have 3 weapons?) If 2 - 590k

Weapon Ammo - No idea of prices for these. Can't be too much though.

Bait Tank - 100k

Diving Bell - 100k

Random supplies include tokens, axe, landline, etc. Other costs also include crew wages and provisions.

From the above info, I'm guessing that I'll need to invest roughly 6,308,000 gold. That doesn't include the small supplies that I am unsure what the cost is. I also have 2 featureless ice figurines that can be used for the weapons, I think.

I'd love to see some of you post your ship specs, startup costs, maintenance costs, etc. After you've got your ship all decked out, how much do you spend daily to keep it in order?
Give us -real- shop logs! Not another misinterpretation of features we ask for, turned into something that either doesn't help at all, or doesn't remotely resemble what we wanted to begin with.


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  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United StatesMember Posts: 6,336 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Swashbucklers help defend your ship from people who are not authorized to be on it, as well as defend from being plundered by another ship and their swashbucklers. Additionally, they let you plunder other ships should you have the appropriate specialisation level.

    Also don't forget things such as crew rations and token stores for the crew.

    A Strider can have up to three weapons on it, so you can get a thrower, an onager, and a ballista, or something like two ballista and a thrower, etc.

  • JinsunJinsun TN, USAMember, Secret Squirrel Posts: 3,095 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Also you want all of your weapons non decayed and you figurehead to be nondecay and resetting. I say this because you think just  nondecay until you disown someone who helped pay for your ship and forget to take them off captains list and that son of a bitch takes your figurehead <3@Adaele (I didn't steal a nondecay figurehead, just a regular one, but a nondecay one can be stolen) 
  • KinilanKinilan Member, Seafaring Liason Posts: 1,304 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Also need crew tokens. 100 per crew per sinking. And you don't want 2 ballista. You want a full crew.
  • AerekAerek East Tennessee, USAMember Posts: 1,818 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Weapons depend on what you intend to do with the ship. If you think you'll be doing ship to ship combat, should pack one of each weapon for the different roles they serve. For purely monster hunting, 2 ballistas and an onager is actually an optimal setup. (Assuming you have the extra crew to keep the ballistas singing)

    Non-decaying weapons is probably still more cost effective in the long run, but now that you can extend the life of weapons through the Weapons specialization, it's not as mandated as it once was.
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  • AnariaAnaria Member Posts: 184 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    You don't need non-decaying or resetting stuff. Let's be real here guys. She is asking about entry-level startup costs. 

    Everything else has been basically covered so here are a few thoughts:

    Swashbucklers. These are a personal choice. Even if they manage to protect you from being plundered, they won't guard you from being sunk and losing your cargo regardless. I don't see why you wouldn't buy them but unless you plan to either plunder people yourself or spend a great deal of time leveling them up simply to deny your attacker a bit of satisfaction, you could conceivably do without them.

    Ammo is more pricey than you think it is, and for that matter so are dragons tears (for enhanced ammo). You can see just how pricey at the shop near Tasur'ke port. I therefore recommend that you buy from other players who have built up a surplus via their ammo racks. Market channel is your friend in this situation.

    GET A FLAG. Seriously. Flagless ships are basically fair game for everyone on the water and there are a ton of people that will attack you who would not have done so otherwise (or would have at least thought twice about it) had you been flying a flag. Make sure your flag has an emblazon that means something and know what it means in terms of faction. Any herald can emblazon you a flag for 2500 gold, the blank flag itself is 500. It could be a city flag, a high clan flag, or a clan, or even a personal coat of arms.

  • TarausTaraus The Gypsy WindMember, Seafaring Liason Posts: 890 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Anyone trying to seriously break into seafaring on a realistic level, I have always suggested they do so with 7m on-hand to cover ship commission and set-up costs.

    I also always suggest that, before just commissioning new, try and buy used.

  • SzanthaxSzanthax San DiegoMember Posts: 1,906 @ - Epic Achaean
    Taraus said:
    Anyone trying to seriously break into seafaring on a realistic level, I have always suggested they do so with 7m on-hand to cover ship commission and set-up costs.

    I also always suggest that, before just commissioning new, try and buy used.
    Well used ship's are like " artefact nondecay everything!"  Can't imagine new being more that. I'd buy "the deep penetrate" if I could

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