Best race for Shaman?

CON, INT I heard are the most important stats.

So some good races would be

Horkval Commander? 13 cons, 13 int. Resistant to cutting and blunt damage as well, which would help shamans withstand damaging knights, but no armour probably makes up for that?

Dwarf Foreman? 13 cons, 14 int.
Resistant to various things, good choice or nay?

Mhun Bodyguard? 13 cons, 12 int.
Extra movement which allows for better fashion-and-run tactics.

Tsol'aa Guard? 13 cons, 13 int.
Ability to swing around and hide in jungles. I'm from Eleusis so it might help.

Or any other suggestions?

Also I'm unlikely to buy an artefacts, so.


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    Dwarf is probably the overall top race for shaman. Don't spec int, spec con. Int is extremely marginal in its usefulness, with one ability scaling off it and bigger willpower/mana pool being the only real reason to care about it.

    Unless you just want to do PvE, then int is more useful.
  • Thank you @Kiet.
  • Kiet said:
    Unless you just want to do PvE, then int is more useful.
    Unless your primary stat affects attack speed (i.e. you're a Serpent), constitution is generally more useful than whatever your primary stat happens to be for PvE, unless you're already capable of easily tanking everything you could possibly want to (not sure this is a position anybody in the game is currently in, especially if they don't have artefacts).
  • I meant more useful than in pvp, I don't really care much about pve so I don't know where I'd place the 'ideal' pve shaman stats.
  • Dwarf miner is the best imo. That's what mine is going to be.
  • I see what you did there.
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