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Short Stories

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Couldn't find a thread, so I figured I'd start one.
I know a lot of Achaeans write quite a bit, so I thought maybe some people would want to share some short stories.

I'll start us off with something I wrote for my wife on facebook while waiting on her to finish up at a hospital checkup. As a warning, I didn't finish it, because the baby woke up, but, here goes.

Once upon a time, there was a young wizard named Phteven, who went to school at the Sorcerous Academy of Sorcery School (SASS for short). He wasn't the smartest wizard, nor the most popular, but he was easily the hardest working. His C+ in Pointy Hat Tricks 201 was a testament to his dedication, and his B in Basic Toil and Troubling was hard earned. This may not impress his parents, his crush, or even you, but one wizard took interest in Phteven's progress very early, and that was his Wandless Wallbuilding professor, Great Alfred Longshanks. Alfred watched Phteven pull mouse, frog, and hamster out of his hat time and time again prior to finally wrangling the rabbit, and cheered. He observed with baited breath as Phteven mixed worrywart with toads eye, crow feet with lysol cleaning wipes, and crusty eye gunk with newts tail, before achieving a mediocre love potion, that kinda just made people think you don't smell bad. But it was progress! And Alfred was proud. Alfred monitored Phteven from the shadows, silently encouraging him forward, until the day Phteven just couldn't build his wall while wandless. Finally, sensing the time was right, Alfred spoke: "Phteven, I've witnessed your courage, your dedication, and your dictation, and I know, without any doubt, that you can, and will, wandlessly build this wall. You must never give up on yourself, for without your dedication, you are, quite frankly, a shit wizard."
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