I have a question about the monk's jab skill

Hi there, I am a newbie who just started this game like 30 minutes ago.

Anyway, I have a question about the monk's jab skill. I typed it according to the help file 'jbp pygmy head', but an error message popped up saying I was targeting a random string of numbers. What went wrong? My other skills like snapkick seemed to work just fine.


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    It only works on other players (adventurers) for PvP combat. You can't use it on a pygmy (an NPC - often called "a denizen"). The AB file for each of your abilities will tell you what you can use it on:

    JBP <target> <HEAD|ARMS>

    Works on/against:

    3.00 seconds of arm balance
    A quick strike with the fingers. When targeting the head, this will    
    restore someone's hearing. When targeting the arms, it will disable the
    target's ability to parry for a very short time.

    Compared to snapkick:

    SNK <target> left/right

    Works on/against:
    Adventurers and denizens

    4.00 seconds of leg balance
    This low, and easy-to-perform kick attacks the legs of an opponent.

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