Rank the Top Quickest Allifiction Locking Classes in the Game

Just simple question from those of you who've been around for the past 5 years while I've been gone.

Add in Arties. Non arties. Looking for something fun and challenging other than just using my artefacts to smash people faces in. 

So far I've heard the new dirk serpent and of course Occy (not interested) so Alchemist?



  • Shaman is arguably the fastest lock class right now
  • Jester. 

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    Varies way too wildly to answer. Are we counting preparation, is it from moment you enter room, is it counting attempts to run/hinder/go defensive? If someone just stands there jester's probably fastest, yes. Affliction classes aren't really ranked by how quick they can lock someone just standing there, though.
  • Jester still fastest through hinder. Fight @Mizik jester to see evidence :(

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    Welcome back, Leigh. Jester is objectively the fastest, but not what you're looking for.


    Each have their own unique endgame and styles, each is hyper potent in the current combat scene.
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    Serpent = burst lock
    Apostate = momentum lock
    Shaman = reliable prep lock

    I don't think Jester is particularly potent via dry juggles, only with suicide mice / fashions.

    [ SnB PvP Guide | Link ]

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  • I don't think Jester is particularly potent via dry juggles, only with suicide mice / fashions.
    You never fought @Mizik, then. I think @Dunn got them down pat pretty decently, too.

    Sylvan locking shouldn't be underestimated either, albeit it's kinda predictable if you're paying attention. Bard also extremely solid.

  • Well, just apply epidermal manually on dry throws.

    [ SnB PvP Guide | Link ]

    [ Runewarden Sparring Videos | Link ]
  • Jester has like 20 other ways to kill tho. Mouse is just a real strong one.

    People forget that jester has balanceless force and a ridiculous aff speed.

  • Shield destroys most dry axe and Aeon strats, forces Jester to incorporate doll for arm/leg/prone stuff too.

    Anyway, definitely would recommend Serpent, Alchemist or Shaman really. Alchemist doesn't need arties to kill pretty much everyone. Most people also really dislike fighting the class. Serpent needs minimum an artie dirk to be considered really solid in 1v1 (group forged dirk is just fine), but the more speed you have the better as Serpent. Shaman has a lot of cool strats and ways to make things happen, that a ton of people aren't even aware or anywhere near ready for. You'd be surprised how often a simple kill chain can work on the vast majority of people.

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    The only problem I have with Shaman is that some of the strats that can be pulled off simply have no value, because there are better strats that can be done with less fashions. Mostly this has to do with riftlocks, which are significantly more costly in fashions than salvelocks, and it's rare for salvelocks to fail.
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