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    If you want to buy an expandable bed frame, pay decent money, otherwise cheap, specifically-sized bedframes will be fine. Just don't be fooled by cheap, expandable bedframes looking like a better deal.

    Also if you get a frame that doesn't have wheels, spend a few $ extra somewhere like a Walmart and get pads to put under, these will save floors whether wooden, linoleum, carpet, tile, whatever.
    This and what @Skye said. I dint know what expandable frames are but they sound wack as f
    Slides/bolts to adjust to different bed sizes
    Weird...I looked it up and i think I have one of those..it just came with my mattress but never had any problems... My mattress is old now so I must replace
    The cheap ones have really shitty casters on them and can bend/result in an uneven sleeping experience
  • Aegoth said:
    Any cool games with storylines to watch playthroughs on, on Youtube? (Like Bioshock Infinity etc)
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. All of them

    Also ff7 crisis core
    1000x on the LoK games, sensational voice acting, cool story, atmospheric, and just overall good listening. I would recommend playing them since GoG sells them cheap, but even blood omen 2 which I thought was weak story wise is still good because of how well the voice acting carries it (simon templeman is a heartthrob).
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    It's actually on my wishlist on steam but I never got around to buying because I had a terrible experience with nearly no backwards compatibility or support for older games like King's quest.  And possibly also shock at how aged some games appear compared to memory :( rip Crusader

  • I don't think I've actually played a Kain game since Soul Reaver on PSX

  • Tried watching Soul Reaver but the 90's "squares4limbs" graphics triggered me.

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  • WHY  :#    

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  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    It also doesn't use the dreaded tank controls. Which is a major plus in my books

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    I was a bit drunker than I intended to be yesterday and scraped my car door against a pillar while reversing.. just realized how heavily damaged it was this morning. Can I actually fix something of this degree by myself with soap, sandpaper, wax and car paint? I don't want to cough up $500-1000 :c

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  • Cooper said:
    How about instead you don't drink and drive? That could have been a person.

    And really, no. It will just end up looking worse. Plus you're going to need a clearcoat to protect it. Best just to get it fixed professionally.
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    I was still very coherent and I made an effort to be extra mindful when I was on the road, just wasn't paying as much attention as I would have while in the parking lot.

    Edit : Being a male, gonna yolo and fix it myself.

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  • Hey @Exelethril. As far as game playthroughs go, try out Cry's playthrough of Soma. Great game with a great story and Cry is fantastic with suble commentary.

    Also agree with Cooper. Don't drink and drive. Everyone has a tendency to overestimate their actual coherence after a few drinks. It's not worth the risk to yourself and others. Don't get me wrong, I don't think you're some awful person for doing it but if you continue to do it after this then you'd only have yourself to blame. 
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
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    @Exelethril Is the white from your paint being scratched off, or paint transfer from the pillar?

    If the latter, a scouring pad (sandpaper will probably scratch more) + Comet will get all the pillar paint off.

    Then buy the $50 bottle of car paint to touch up the black spots where the color was actually scratched off.
  • @Krypton : It's mostly scratched off, there's minimal paint transfer from what I can tell.. but I might be wrong. I'm going to buy some isopropyl, 2000-3000 grit sanding paper and start doing some wet-sanding next week.. then putty, paint and clear-coat.

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    Lol,  drinking and driving. It's just human lives you put in danger.  Moms, daughters, brothers, no biggy, YOLO.

  • I will admit to driving under the influence exactly once, and despite the precautions I took I still think it was stupid. It was on the outskirts of the city in the suburbs at 4am, I had roughly 4 miles to go, and I kept my car at 5mph the entire way there. It took me an hour to get home, but god damn it there were no other cars on the road and I wanted a shower and to sleep in my own bed.

  • SzanthaxSzanthax San Diego
    Ahmet said:
    I lost my closest friend to a drunk driver who didn't realize he wasn't fit to drive u.u.

    Just don't do it. No matter how few you've had, no matter how much attention you try to pay while driving, just don't do it. If you do, and it's not an absolute emergency and there's no other way, you are a shitty human being. End of story.
    I knew a girl who killed her 3 best friends... Lone survivor. ..

    Obviously I have an addictive personality.. I can't do things a little bit. Everything big. I used to drive to the bar with a drink in my cup holder.... Life experiences sort of changed that.

  • Colorback is also a product you might try in a last effort. It won't fix scratches but if you get those buffed out it can smooth out and clear up a lot of paint unevenness and splotchy looks. It's made to deal with oxidization but it could possibly be a nice finisher before any clear coating 

  • So I am trying to quit smoking by vapeing instead. If anyone else has accomplished this, any tips would greatly help. It's rough, but I have cut my cigarette smoking to less than a quarter pack a day so far.
  • Sounds good!
  • Elsam said:
    So I am trying to quit smoking by vapeing instead. If anyone else has accomplished this, any tips would greatly help. It's rough, but I have cut my cigarette smoking to less than a quarter pack a day so far.
    While I didn't start vaping to quit smoking, my personal tips would be to research good ecigs and not something that can break easily (like blu cigs... or things like that). Go to vape shops nearby to ask their advice because more often than not, they have gone through something similar. A good ecig won't be like 10 bucks. Mine was about 100 bucks, and that's partially because of the shop needing profit, but expect something like that (before liquid). The shop(s) I go to will let you try out flavors before you buy them, so take your time to find something you'd enjoy. Some people have bought two tanks so that one tank has nicotine and the other hasn't. That's personal preference though. Another habit that I saw from quitters was taking up some other hand-to-mouth- motion... mostly sunflower seeds or gum or something of that sort, so watch that since you can gain weight from that. Good luck with it though!

  • Elsam said:
    So I am trying to quit smoking by vapeing instead. If anyone else has accomplished this, any tips would greatly help. It's rough, but I have cut my cigarette smoking to less than a quarter pack a day so far.

    My number one recommendation is to not start your vaping online. Go to a shop, talk to people, try flavours out. Because online shopping is great, and you can get excellent discounts, but if you're buying juice you hate, or your tank leaks due to how hot/cold it is where you are, it can completely change the experience. Go to a shop in your local area, ask them about it, and try flavours out before you buy a bunch.
    Omor Ceberek - Targossas

    got gud
  • I actually have a setup already. It's an Atmos battery and a Kangertech tank, real nice setup. I am a co-owner of a medical dispensary so a guy just traded with me. Haven't found a juice I really like. I have some 12mg nicotine stuff right now, but there isn't much flavor. I assume because of the high nicotine content.
  • This place, Swell Vapes in San Jose, has my absolute favourite juice flavours. They are all really delicious. The Slush Puppy is my favourite :P


  • I don't think flavour has to do with nicotine content, because 12 isn't really high. I started off at 18. It also depends on your setup - everything matters, apparently! I think I've been through 4 or 5 mods by now because I literally destroy them. I learned the hard way not to go for looks at all. My current mod is gross looking, fairly pricey, and (hopefully) indestructible.  

    In addition to buying from a shop where you can try out flavours (and mods, sometimes), you should also try to find a shop that mixes the liquid while you wait. Liquids that are pre-mixed and sit around in the shop don't taste as good, for one, and don't keep as long once you buy it. 

    The important thing is to ween yourself down on the nicotine, though. My current liquid is a 6, but that is only because they were out of 3. Once I started vaping, I never went back. I attempted to have a cigarette last new year's but it tasted like the poison that it is. So bad! 2 years without smoking!
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