Ipad pro issues.

Hi i just started playing achaea on my ipad pro with my keyboard and its just soo handy and fun being able to bring this everwhere and playing anywhere. its just the only problem i have is the F keys the hotkeys F1 - 12. i have the apple keyboard so it doesnt come with the F keys but when i click the buttons via on screen works and everything. the only problem is that when i go back to typing my space bar is locked out... the space bar wont work..and it has gotten so frustrating to fix.. i literally have reload the game... i think its because of the targeting mechanic.. cant seem to get out of it after pressing tab.


  • My suggestion would be to just create in game aliases to help manage your battlerage abilities. 

    For example:

    setalias 1 thrash &tar

    So what this does is set the number 1 to thrash at the target you've selected in the game.   You will need to press one and then hit enter to make it fire.

    You can then use:

    settarget <denizen>


    st <denizen>

    to set the target for server-side to use. 

    This might be your easiest solution to prevent lockout unless someone has more technical knowledge about what might be happening browser wise.

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