newbie role play question

I have so many role play ideas in my head and think about this stuff before I have a chance to role play... and then if I have an opportunity to do it, I freeze up and just leave. Does this sound familiar? Any tips? 

Sorry if this is not appropriate here.


  • Amen to that
  • wow, amazing advice! Thank you everyone 
  • All of the above, plus if you can find someone or a handful of people that you -do- feel safe roleplaying with you can get some experience with custom emoting and pursuing different ideas spontaneously and kind of get over that fear.

    I have a HUGE fear of improv anything, could never do improv jazz in piano, sucked at speaking foreign languages, etc. because if things weren't pre-planned and I hadn't memorized them ahead of time I panic and freeze up. I had that with RPing at first and still do occasionally but thanks to getting to RP with people who are really creative and great with it and also very non-judgmental and supportive, I've gotten more confident at it. I think over time you probably will, too.
  • I do appreciate everything here. I'll keep looking back on it. It can be a bit daunting, but slowly building up who my characters are as I play them... and even using inspiration from NPCs in-game (like going to visit Satyr NPCs).
  • Mhm, all of the above and remember to save something that you make up on the go. Sometimes, or at least I have this, that you make up an emote and the moment passes (or I'm just too slow). Don't grumble and backspace it all, save it and re-use it at another moment! :)
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