Need an updated help on shaman locks

I've been reading a lot and asking for advice. I have gotten a lot of information from since I first started playing this game a few days ago. But I can't seem to find an updated version of help on how to curse lock someone as I looked the cure list is different and curses are cured differently than the posts I have read. Is there anyone that can help me out?


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    How is the cure list different? What cures each curse hasn't changed like ever from memory.

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    Some things were made focusable that weren't before.

    A general shaman lock is going to require a doll for leg breaks/prone > curse chains.

    You use curse to charge jinx. Curse delivers a single affliction, Jinx delivers two. You also have swiftcurse, which is basically a machine gun of afflictions.

    You also have attunements that you can get through spiritlore, which have various effects themselves.

    A lock is going to be paralysis, asthma, slickness, anorexia, impatience (weariness vs fitness, haemophilia vs bloodboil, voyria vs passive curing, stupidity vs salt). So you need to be able to stick those afflictions to secure your lock. How to go about that is going to vary per opponent.

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  • Oh yeah, adding/removing focus as an option is fair.
  • Shaman is a terrible class, played by people who give shitty advice in posts like this one.
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    I actually find it intriguing but only because it ranked lowest in non aligned classes.

    I'll wait for arg new class arg!!

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