Only option for a new class.

So as I was supposed to be studying for my finals, my mind was roaming around the tantalizing idea of the new class (Doing pretty much anything but study). I thought of the various avenues and it finally dawned upon me as to what Achaea, and each of us were truly lacking in both life and class coverage. Clearly the new class should be:

Wrassler - Mystical Luchador fighters with spirtual masks and a enough charisma to make the collective continent weak at the knees.

Think to yourself of the last time you had a citymate die to the monstrous squids. You know who doesn't mind rescuing the sweet lady from the calamity? The Luchador!
(This could be you, if you were cooler.)
I know what you may be thinking, "Why not monk?". Well the Luchador has no need for fancy jedi mind tricks! But then you may ask yourself, "How will I attend fancy city government meetings?". Never fear, the Luchador is prepared! Just look at this dapper gent!
Getting ready to smoke some skullcap as well, fancy and prepared! By now you should begin to feel the call of what you could be! One day you too may become a paragon for your city to admire!

I'm.. so tired. This idea came to me last night as I was studying and I'm ashamed at how much I cracked up over it. Imagining "Tele-Libre" Drop kicking random folks put me in tears. Anywho, made a 96% on the final and I figured I'd share this late night delusional BS. Enjoy or don't, I'm not your mom.
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