Total War: Empire/Medieval 2

Any of y'all play any Total War? I would love to battle some Achaeans if so. I got Empire and Medieval 2 on steam, and am hoping maybe one of y'all does too!
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  • I play and own most of them, though am based in Europe?
  • AerekAerek East Tennessee, USA
    Own all of them between the original Rome to Rome II, could possibly be coerced into installing one of the old ones. Empire's naval battles were pretty great, but I'll say that Shogun II is the most balanced (and thus most fun) for multiplayer, in my opinion.
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  • I got Medieval 2 in the pre-steam days so it is on a disc somewhere that I have no hope of finding but I think I have Empire on steam so if I can find it I'm down
  • I own from the first game to the latest with the exception of Napoleon, right now playing Atilla (got it on humblebundle cheap). Have a former achaean friend being western rome while I am the east as we try to withstand the hordes.
  • I'll gladly kick your ass in any of them. Lemme know if you want to play. 
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