Let's Play.

Hi there! I'm a long time player who is starting a Youtube channel. I'll be having a bit of fun with gaming and other tidbits that may or may not be related to my personal life. (Fitness goals, etc.)

I was wondering how many of you may be interested in watching and supporting me if I made a Let's Play series of Achaea?

I have read the Forum Rules on what I can and can not post. Sensitive and confidential material will not be included in the let's play. (House information, etc.)

Do you think that a let's play would have a positive impact on Achaea and MUDs in general, or do you think that by posting personal experiences and growth of a character and by seeing how certain quests are done and/or learning by trial and error about combat, curing, etc. would have a negative impact on the game?

I would love to hear your opinion and thoughts! Thanks. :)


  • I think @Sarapis was looking into something like this in his advertising campaign.
  • JeslynJeslyn United States
    I would be interested in watching as I am a huge fan of lets play videos. I've actually never watched a text game lets play, but as long as the commentary is entertaining, I don't think it could be a bad or boring thing.
  • inb4



    "Well crud.  Lemme go spend awhile tweaking my reflexes..."
  • This. Make this happen.

  • I personally think it's such a great idea but I feel like house identity is so big, getting into City things, anything relation wise. Just may be hard to cut out and it only becomes hunting, grindy, boring.

    A basic level let's play would be good but the further you get in Achaea the grinder it is, and the more privileges you gain as you rise, the more ToS/sensitive information you come across.

    Idk I always wanted to do it. Pretty badly too, but after awhile it felt grindy on a character I recorded and I scrapped it. 
  • A seamonster hunt is probably one of the most exciting group activities that lacks any sort of sensitive information. Especially if we run into a leviathan or shraymor.
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