Suffering, the Eternal Tutor

This is going to be fairly long, so feel free to pass the thread by. I thought it would be interesting to post some RP here. I admit that I am not as good at it as some of the pros, but I try! @Saira was a marvelous partner.

Kiet says in a clear, confident voice, "We're ready, proceed at your leisure."


You say, "We will begin."


You say, "The purpose of this demonstration is twofold. A situation arose, recently, in which I found myself lacking in a certain area. A weakness has reared its ugly head, and could ultimately sabotage my future service to our Lord, if not properly eliminated."


You say, "Truth Six tells us that the mind may be made stronger through the elimination of conscience. One does this by inflicting pain on others."


You say, "I must confess that I possess a very strong sense of empathy towards others who are facing hardships. I often find myself feeling sympathy for their pain and suffering. Therefore, I have decided to employ this Truth in an effort to rid myself of this weakness."


You say, "Suffering, in any form, strengthens us. Bibliothecary Saira will learn to either overcome her fears, or be consumed by them."


Ismay nods her head at Saira, and gestures for her to step forward.


Saeva offers a curt nod of support.


You say, "Bibliothecary Saira has become a friend to me since my arrival here in Mhaldor. We are similar in that the both of us feel great compassion for those we befriend."


Saira inclines her head at the crowd, and removes an elegant black and pink floral dress, dropping it onto the floor with a grimace and a quick glare at Kiet. She then removes a pair of combat boots of pink leather, placing them beside the horrid dress. She stands before those gathered wearing nothing aside from her undergarments.


Saira squirms as she attempts to cover her semi-naked body with desperate hands.


Covering her mouth with her hand, Ismay attempts to hide an uncontrollable grin at Kiet.


Kiet blinks in mild confusion at being glared at.


Ismay takes Saira's hand and leads her to a table with rope attached to all four corners. As Saira lies back onto the table, Ismay methodically binds each of her limbs with the rope, making sure the knots are tight.


Salek's eyes sparkle with amusement.


Ismay walks to a smaller table and begins to neatly arrange a number of items. These include a wickedly curved dagger of blackened iron, a stone bowl filled with a shimmering molten substance, a curious wooden box about two hands in size, a heretic fork, a bone lead sprinkler, and a small jar of golden fluid.


Trey reclines against a nearby wall, arms crossed over his chest as he takes in the scene with an amused expression.


Searching through her pack, Ismay pulls out a long, black strip of cloth. She gently places a hand upon Saira's forehead.


You say to Saira, "May you suffer greatly in His name, and to our benefit. For, you will not be the only one tormented this day."


Saira narrows her eyes at you and briefly turns her head to glance at the witnesses, traces of apprehension in her gaze.


Using the strip of cloth, Ismay ties a blindfold around Saira's head, making sure that there are no gaps. She walks to the table and takes two of the items.


You say, "The mind may be made stronger through the elimination of conscience. One does this by inflicting pain on others."


Ismay closes her eyes and inhales deeply in preparation of her self-imposed task ahead.


Loosening the silver buckle on the heretic fork, Ismay fits it around Saira's neck, allowing no give in the leather strap. She then carefully adjusts one end of the bi-pronged fork to fit directly underneath the chin, while the opposite end presses into the tender flesh of the sternum, effectively and painfully exposing Saira's neck.


Saeva strokes a silver heretic's fork tenderly.


Using a piece of soiled cloth, Ismay spreads honey onto Saira's neck, carefully covering every inch of the exposed skin. She retrieves the wooden box from the table, and removes the lid. The box is turned on its side and balanced upon Saira's stomach, as Ismay steps back.


Kiet raises an eyebrow questioningly.


Saira stares incredulously at you and whispers through clenched teeth, "Honey? Really?"


Massaging her temples, Ismay closes her eyes and concentrates on forming a mind lock with Saira. Upon successfully locking Saira's mind with her own, Ismay begins to project images into Saira's mind.


As fire ants are drawn from the box by the smell of honey, Saira begins to experience a strong sense of dread. The first of the stings send tiny pinpricks of pain through her neck. Suddenly, her eyes flash wide open, as a series of images invade her mind. She attempts to squeeze her eyes shut against images of herself failing at one task after another. Groaning in both physical and emotional pain, her breathing picks up speed, quickly turning into a state of hyperventilation.


Saeva's eyes narrows as she observe.


As Saira continues to pant and cry out under her assault, Ismay turns to whisper to the crowd.


You whisper, "Bibliothecary Saira has an immense fear of failure. While this can be useful, it can also be quite detrimental. A healthy middle ground has to be found with this fear of hers. I am hoping that through constant exposure to failed experiences, she will grow more accustomed to that sense of crushing failure and be better able to handle it."


Kiet smiles lightly at Saira's clear suffering.


Saira thrashes around on the table, lost in the nightmares of her failures.


Ismay thoughtfully selects the bone lead sprinkler and a stone bowl filled with a shimmering molten substance from the table. After having renewed the lock with Saira's mind and hurled scene after scene of defeat, Ismay carefully fills the sprinkler with the contents of the stone bowl. She circles the bound slave, sprinkling molten silver sporadically onto Saira's tender flesh.


Melodie shifts her weight, watching on with a thoughtful frown.


Saira arches her back at unnatural angles, writhing as the searing pain becomes nearly unbearable. The ant bites on her neck are countless, and blood drips from her chin and sternum where the heretic fork has pierced the skin. Angry blisters have begun to form underneath each drop of molten silver, as Saira's tormented cries echo throughout the Cathedral.


Ismay mercifully breaks the mind lock and retrieves a damp cloth from her pack, which she uses to remove the honey and fire ants from Saira's neck.


Saeva closes her eyes and whispers unholy praises unto the Lord of Evil as Saira's cries ring forth.


You whisper to Saira, "Do you still feel compassion for people like me, your friends? I could strip the flesh from your bones at this very moment. Do I deserve compassion?"


Saira attempts to grab at you with clawed-fingers, as she spits the acidic words, "I am going to tear yo--", but fails to finish the sentence as weakness overtakes her once more.


Ismay rinses the damp cloth in a water bin, then begins to remove the hardened silver from Saira's seared flesh, the flow of her fingers gentle, as she carefully minimizes skin damage.


You say, "Suffering is a cruel necessity, without which each one of us would stagnate. Our advancement requires suffering through sorrows and hardships."


Taking the last implement from the table, Ismay strides over to Saira, and with a pained sigh, delicately carves an inverted pentagram into her left thigh. The deed completed, Ismay wearily drags the back of her hand across her forehead.


You say, "Suffering takes many forms, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual. The effect is often draining."


Ismay tosses the bloody blade back onto the table and unbuckles the heretic fork, removing it from Saira's neck. She unties the ropes that bind Saira's limbs, releasing her. Ismay helps a weakened and struggling Saira from the table, and hangs a clean white cloak around her shoulders.


Bibliothecary Saira, Reaper of Secrets whispers to you, "You will be the end of me yet, Emissary..."


You say, "It is doubtful that Bibliothecary Saira will soon forget her suffering this month. The growth that she will experience is yet to be seen, however, I strongly feel that she will benefit from this experience as much as I have."


Saeva's eyes sparkle with amusement.


Skullossus lowers his head, a half-smile plays across his visage.


Saira stubbornly holds her head high with pride, though the pain coursing through her body is evident in her trembling limbs; she silently wipes away a rogue tear.


You say, "We thank the Lord for each agonizing moment of our lives, that our weaknesses be turned into strengths. And we thank all of you for witnessing our trial of suffering. May your suffering always be exquisite."


Skullossus inclines his head politely at you.


Saeva Aristata, Insid'atori whispers, "Unto our last breath. Amen."


Aegoth roars triumphantly, stomping to and fro, the very earthe quaking in the triumphant ambiance of those gathered, for Yea hath this display of cruelty pleased him, the Holocaust King, that which may come forth as TRUE terror in the eyes of the LORD! And nary didst his tail swing to and fro, knocking over a few unattentative slaves in its joy, for verily doth the sanctimonious ritual of insects and emnity come to its bloody and torturous END as he slurps up some stray fire ants with his tongue. Yum! (This guy is such a card!)


Kiet gives Aegoth the once-over, eyeing him suspiciously.


Kiet says in a clear, confident voice, "Amen."


Ismay lends Saira her shoulder to use as a brace.


Kiet says in a clear, confident voice, "Well done, Slaves."


Saira takes your shoulder, nodding once at the Emissary in thanks.


You say, "We appreciate each one of you witnessing our struggles."


Saeva moves to your side and gives her a curt shove, disabling Saira from properly leaning.


Saeva Aristata, Insid'atori says, "No." (About killed over irl when she did this. So hilarious.)


Saira falls forward on her knees.


Saeva Aristata, Insid'atori says, "She'll heal on her own Strength."


Kiet nods thoughtfully at Saeva.


Ismay nods her head at Saeva in understanding.


You say to Saeva, "You are, of course, correct, Insid'atori."


Saeva inclines her head subtly before taking her leave.


 (Party): Saira says, "Awkward silence."


Saeva tells you, "Well executed, none the less."


You tell Saeva, "Thank you."


Saeva tells you, "It takes a great deal of trust in the Lord to do such things to the ones we care for."


You tell Saeva, "Indeed, it was very...hard to inflict such agony on her."


Bibliothecary Saira, Reaper of Secrets says forgivingly to you, "Wearing Insid'ari Kiet's dress is still more painful."


Kiet utters a deep, rumbling laugh.


Melodie raises an eyebrow questioningly.


"Heh heh heh," Aegoth chuckles.


Ismay snickers quietly to herself.


Melodie says with a flowing, cultured accent, "That sounds like a story."


You say, "Indeed! Tis why she is a bit upset with him."


Slave Aegoth Aristata's words quietly thrum through the air as he says, "I didn't know the Insid'ari was into... that."


Aegoth peers at Kiet unscrupulously.


Saeva tells you, "She has more determination than most mortals I have seen. You will have both grown from it all, which is entirely your goal. Neither will soon forget."


Kiet says in a clear, confident voice, "I just helpfully picked out something that would make her less sassy."


Saira gets up slowly, holding onto the table for some support.


Kiet says in a clear, confident voice, "It's hard to be sassy in pink."


(Bunch of stuff about Aegoth dressing in drag)


Then, @Dajio crashed the party and we had to go off running after him.




Give us -real- shop logs! Not another misinterpretation of features we ask for, turned into something that either doesn't help at all, or doesn't remotely resemble what we wanted to begin with.


Current position of some of the playerbase, instead of expressing a desire to fix problems:

Vhaynna: "Honest question - if you don't like Achaea or the current admin, why do you even bother playing?"


  • I have to say, props to @Ismay and @Saira for this. It was actually really fun to watch and the conversation afterwards was just sparkling.
    A true reminder of why I like Mhaldor so much: the RP can be pretty damn fun and interesting to watch. 
  • Ismay said:

    Trey reclines against a nearby wall, arms crossed over his chest as he takes in the scene with an amused expression.

    Best part of the log.

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