[NEXUS] A Collection of Handy Scripts

I've decided to put my scripts up on github. I'm still going through and documenting several of them that aren't ready to go up yet, but I have enough packages done that now seems a good time to put up a link:


All of the packages are documented on that page and it has a link to the page where you can actually download them.

Here are the packages I have uploaded right now:

Add functionality:
  • Golden touch is the most substantial package here. It's a set of reflexes for antitheft, gold management, and shopping. It'll passively keep your pack on and your gold in your pack using GMCP, you can use gold using a command like SPEND 200 ON REQUEST LETTER, it can track your gold gains over time, and it makes shopping easier with commands like SHOP FOR VIAL PIPE to start automatically doing WARES VIAL and WARES PIPE every time you step into a shop.
  • Numpad movement isn't much different than the default, but adds the ability to toggle numpad movement on or off with the numpad . key (so you can quickly toggle movement off and use the numpad for entering things like ID numbers, then toggle it back on and move).

Alter the client:
  • Disable sounds is a tiny package that automatically sets the volume to 0 at login. If case you're like me and the fact that the volume turns back on when your cookies expire or you're using a different computer to log in drives you insane.
  • Map display patch replaces the little flag with a much more legible outline around the room you're in. It also replaces the text at the bottom that has a list of the room exits with the name of the area you're in (since you can already see the exits on the map!).

For coders:
  • Tracking gmcp gives you a way to make gmcp event handlers that's a lot more intuitive (and more efficient) than using a bunch of onGMCP functions. If you're familiar with how to deal with GMCP in Mudlet, this should look familiar.
  • Tracking defences and Tracking rift will keep track of your rift and defences for you. They let your scripts test whether you have a given defence or how much of a given thing you have in the rift.
  • Display notice patch allows you to display notices with text that changes colour mid-notice. Some of the syntax is a little tricky at first, but it should be intuitive once you get the hang of it.
I have many more to add as I go through and clean up my code. I'll be posting to this thread when I add them or update.


  • TectonTecton The Garden of the Gods
    Nice work! I'll throw a link up on the Nexus wiki to bring these the fame and applause they deserve!
  • edited March 2016
    I've just updated the "Golden touch" package to add two new pieces of functionality.

    1. It now picks up gold when you deal a killing blow to a denizen and it drops gold (it won't pick up gold from denizens that other people kill).

    2. It has a new alias that looks like this: "split 40 gold with Sarapis Tecton Sartan". When you do that, it'll give 10 gold each to Sarapis, Tecon, and Sartan (keeping your own share of 10).

    As an added convenience, if you want to split the gold you're currently tracking, just leave off the amount and it'll use the tracked gold.

    Put this all together and it's a nice tool for group bashing:
    Before you, Sarapis, and Tecton go out bashing, do "track gold" to start tracking the amount of gold you pick up. Now every time you get a kill, you'll automatically pick up the gold (you'll have to pick up the gold from Sarapis and Tecton's kills manually - the alias "gg" is a shortcut for "get gold"). Once you three are done, you can just "split gold with Sarapis Tecton" and it'll stop tracking the gold and give Sarapis and Tecton their share of the loot!
  • Hi, In my cause the script giving error message "golden_touch is not defined" any hint how to repair that? Now I am using my own aliases gg for get gold and I am trying to make ggg as take gold;put gold in pack with defined commandseparator ;.
  • Oh no. I forget the "REQUIRES"... But anyway I do not know how to install them (it says that it is not a package). I am absolute newbie, so yourhelp will be appreciated.

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