Artifacts for Raja Sentinel

I currently have the following artifacts, and am looking to get another: Mayan Bracelets (+health and mana) Mayan Ring (+health sip amount) Ring of Endurance Crit pendant All are level 1 artifacts. I am thinking of getting either a set of knuckles for the damage bonus, or something that would up my strength for hunting. Any recommendations on which would be better?


  • If it is for hunting, then upgrading the crit pendant would likely be your best bet.
  • Okay, first of all. Don't hunt with maul (ergo knuckles for damage is useless).
    Get an artifact trident if you want the most noticeable damage increase, unless you're only sitting on like 12-13 strength. Use skirmishing THRUST for hunting with, it's better in basically every way.

    If you don't have a shield of absorption, definitely more worthy than any damage increasing artifact... Go strength spec raja if not already (only 100cr to swap, if you're not. Or free if you have a free reincarnate)

  • Absolutely do not buy knuckles as a Sentinel for either bashing or combat. Thrust and handaxe are superior for both of those respectively.
    Strength is a good investment, constitution is great too. I'm also a big fan of health regeneration rings.
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    Sorry, had missed a couple of arties there - SoA and a hunter's belt.

    Thanks for the info on the attacks, I will start using Thrust next time I am out hunting.

  • weapon artefacts are usually good investments for hunting speed in other classes (due to faster speed/balance). Not sure how much it helps a sentinel.
  • OMG, can't believe how much faster thrust is at killing stuff. And to think I have been using maul for the last level and a half...sheesh.

  • Yeah, thrust deals more damage!
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