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So, Isis is retired after a heart-wrenching moment of holding my finger over the link.

I was certainly not going to write an epic goodbye until I saw how affected people are with others not saying goodbye. @Tahquil is right in that one can feel insignificant. I have probably been in game three hours in the past three years. It really stunned me as to how many still cared enough to throw me a message or pop in and visit while I was burying hundreds of thousands of herbs/minerals. 

I cannot begin to list people who both encouraged me from day one and betrayed my friendship without blinking an eye in my darkest moments. Regardless of my feelings, each lesson was taken to heart. I think my only regret was not fighting back and just taking it. The worst part was trying to remold Isis to what others wanted!

Thanks for the laughs and tears.

The few of you know who you are, I don't have to name people, but, thanks for being so damn special.

Super novice is being considered, of course, but who knows for sure where I will end up.

Oh, yeah. Thanks for the eight or nine proposals in order to get me to stay. It made me laugh off the momentary sadness of saying goodbye!

See ya!


  • Trey
    Trey Member Posts: 4,890 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Who the hell is going to spend 450cr on a rapier -now-? Some of us have to eat you know.

    Oh, wait, it's not 2008 anymore. Carry on!

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