Sentinel Systems (Mudlet)

Possibly the wrong forum, but are there any decent Sentinel combat systems out there? Or any, for that matter? Looking for a basic set of aliases/triggers that will complement svof and let me do some basic attacks like axethrow, traps, stuff like that. Have a ton of stuff set up in Zmud from way back, but not looking forward to trying to get it coded in Mudlet.

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    This' a good opportunity to learn mudlet coding :)

    No sentinel stuff yet though, have yet to go sentinel.
  • Yeah, I know, just didn't want to do the work if it is already out there =)

  • Hmm, I just got back into Achaea since a long long time. I'm pretty much at the exact same point as @Zbaco was at back in February.

    I've installed wundersys, which seems to be running out of sync with the latest changes too (not sure, as I still have 32621345 news posts to read). So it looks like I have some work to do system-wise. I used to work with mudbot/IMTS ported to achaea, combined with a set of zmud triggers to actually do PvP and stuff. I dumped that all out of the window and find myself facing the challenge of learning lua, trying to work out what has changed ingame since 2006 and fix/update someone else's work AND implement an offensive system at the same time. Can't say I'm out of challenges right now :p
  • I have a very beta-ish sentinel system now that ties into the AK aff tracker. Not sure how easy it is to get into and start using though. PM me if you want a look.
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