Happy Pangolin Day!

World pangolin day is Feb 20, or just in general the third saturday of february. While I missed it by a few hours, have a look at my beautiful pangolin.

No longer than a length of a human's arm, this young pangolin is covered from snout to tail in tiny 
scales of burnt umber. Slightly ridged, each scale ripples with any movement the critter makes, 
allows water to roll freely away, and keeps dust and debris from his delicate hide. Tipped by a 
little black nose, his snout wriggles back and forth, ever in search of grubs. Beady black eyes peer 
around, curiously framed by miniature, curved ears.

Her name is Jewel and she is a beauty.

Now have some pictures. 

Pangolins are pretty much the best animal on mother earth.
Replies the scorpion: "It's my nature..."


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