Sentinel Logs?

I've noticed the class section of the forums is pretty underused, and I don't see many Sentinels around during my play times so far. I'm wondering if anyone has some logs of PVP to share, I've trawled the combat logs section of the forum and found one or two but any more would be greatly appreciated.


  • No, please. They're so painful to look at :(
  • Lyrin has posted a few somewhere. Try to search up his name.
  • There's not a lot available of reworked Sentinel due to it still being relatively new and few people having played it. That on top of most log websites either closing or wiping logs after X months I don't even have my cool pre-rework logs anymore. Lyrin is the only one I can think of that has posted any logs outside of that timeframe, unless you count people posting the end of fights where they get skullbashed.
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  • RomRom
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    Okay I felt bad that you had no examples so I logged in and fought as Sentinel for the first time in like 6 months. Kasa won the Bo3 against me, just showing parts that are more relevant to you.

    Petrify example, I could have petrified 1 attack earlier but didn't realize it because I'm out of practice on watching affs, usually you will at least need the third attack anyway but I got lucky:

    Here's an example of skullbash and using impale for the tumble damage, this is more effective against high armor targets since the tumbling off impale damage ignores armor, I mistakenly tried to use raven for sensitivity here without actually having a raven summoned since he broke earlier than I thought:

    Here's an example of a double skullbash, I'm surprised Kasa tanked this since both of the bashes were sensitive and he doesn't have much health, you can try adding a broken head in for extra damage on them:

    I spammed a lot of entourage commands in those logs, I have since fixed that but it is kind of cluttered!
    I don't know what your knowledge level is, but these logs don't display too too much. If you have any questions about Sentinel stuff you can ask me here or in a message/PM or ingame if you somehow see me.

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  • Those great, @Rom .  Thanks!
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