Amsterdam Meetup, 10 years later!



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    Let's do thiiis. what weekend did we end up on?

    First weekend! I see it
  • Cool Peter, it'll be fun! Right, camping or do we want bungalows?
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    4 star hotel plz.  :3
  • You wont get me in a tent. A hotel or bungalow would be nice. Just remember that I snore really loud, so my roomies will have to bring earplugs ;)
  • Poor Thi:P
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    Nvm missed The date post
  • I think Mono's dozed off again. :(
  • We are like sheep without their Shepard.
  • VeldrinVeldrin Denmark
    Magenta said:
    I think Mono's dozed off again. :(
    been trying to get in touch with her through all contact ways I got on her and she's just refusing to respond. So no idea what's going on :/

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