Some targeted serpent questions.

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Hey there! So, rather new and well on the way to tri transing my serpent. Huzzah! I have heard some initial things that have sounded problematic to me though, so I will ask.

 - I have been told a serpent needs an artefact dirk to be viable in combat. Is this true? I am a rajamala with 16 dex.

 - If this does have a shed of truth, how much more important is it than say an artefact sword to a rune warden?

 - related to the above, should I then prioritize a dirk or work on my other skills like avoidance?

 - what level should I be reaching to start learning the 1v1 game? I am very interested in learning combat so any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

edit: all these questions are themed around artefacts for a reason. I just don't want to have to drop a bunch of money to have a hope in combat. I don't mind having a hill to climb against slight advantages, but if I outright have to drop 500-1000 to get on the same level then the class is probably not for me.

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    1) You don't need one. It'll help, but there's been plenty of people who've proven a number of times that you can get by with just the dex. The dirks just give you a better window of error to work with.

    2) Artifact weapons not 'important' to knight. Again, they help, but they aren't a necessity.

    3) Avoidance/Survival, imo, should always be trans'd (along with class skills) before you even think about artifacts. The amount of benefit you get is huge.

  • Thanks! Also,

    lash v whip for hunting at 16 dex?

  • Lash is generally considered better.

  • For forged or L1 artefacts, lash and whip are about the same. Whip has marginally higher DPS, lash is faster, so I'd probably go with lash but it's really just up to personal preference. For L2 and L3 artefacts though, lash is far better than whip. Dexterity doesn't affect the comparison.
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    I would not get a SoA before a dirk, but then again I learned to fight with absolutely no tankability at all.

    Dirk isn't 'necessary', but serpent isn't particularly strong without it. They're not bad, either, but an artied serpent is an extremely good class, whereas a dirkless serpent is just pretty good. Serpents are also made of paper without arties, so they're not that fun to play unartied.

    If you want to do affliction combat completely unartied, I'd recommend Apostate. Similar style to serpent with double affs, but much tankier, has no offensive arties, and can basically work out of the box at the top tier. Shaman could too, but less tanky. Jester not quite the same in style, but also works well unartied.
  • Dirk before SoA for combat, vice versa for hunting - everything else is fine.
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