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"Stop saying the F word, sis! Or I'm gonna kill you!"

Khezh sighed, then without looking swung one of her swords toward her older child, her son. Of course he didn't manage to dodge in time, not completely. His grin at almost escaping her discipline faltered when he realised her blade hadn't been unenvenomed. "Do not threaten your little sister over words. She is far younger than you, and for her, they are progress."

"Mom? She said the F word!" His voice wasn't as whiny as one might expect from a boy his age in such a situation, but the blood dripping from his nose probably explained this. "May I please have a sip of immunity?"

She tossed him one of many vials she carried, each containing only one dose of the cure for the voyria venom, and he promptly emptied the contents into his mouth. Being a parent had many responsibilities, and this wasn't the first time she'd used her knightly skills to make an impression on her children.

"Ah-hah, you got a scra-atch," said Khezh's daughter from what she perceived as the safety of distance. "Mom, Tobbin said if I said the F word real loud, He would get mad an' zap me!"

"He might. He does as He wills - as do we."

"But arn't we supposed to be able to do whatever we want, because we follow Him?"

"Absolutely - so long as we follow Him because what we want, is what He wants us to want. And what you two insist on calling the F word is not a thing He wants us to be seeking. On that note, you need to stop playing with those rogue children. I don't like their influence on you."

"Hey, Fuzzball!" Tobbin taunted his little sister. "I dare you to shout it real loud!"

"Don't call me Fuzzball! /You're/ a fuzzball!"

"Fuzzballs are little girls who are scared to shout the F word." Tobbin's face gloated, and Khezh was proud of the obvious trap he'd laid for his little sister. She turned south, began to walk, signalling both of the children to scurry after her without her requesting they follow.

"Fine! I will shout it! but you better not call me Fuzzball again. Ever!"

"Okay, I won't - but you gotta shout more than just the one word. You gotta say something good about it!"

With her back turned, Khezh could hear the childish scoff in the voice of her daughter, Fezbel. "Deal!" And she took a deep breath.

"FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!" she shouted, and her mother sighed. She was going to have to discipline her daughter with more than a "scratch."


Or perhaps not. As the knowledge of her daughter's death to her Master filled her awareness, she reached almost reflexively to send her son after her to Lord Thoth's Halls. Both children knew quite well how Lord Sartan felt about the word "friend:" it was an obscenity.
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