2H Runie

Been playing around with a warhammer and have spec'd 2H Runie. Trans Runelore and Weaponry, but not Chivalry so don't have Fury.

Any tips here? seems painfully slow to do single hits every 3.6 seconds and can't find anyone who knows enough about which abilities to combine. I see you can pulverise / upset on a break to make prone.

Is there any benefit to fighting with a warhammer as it can't be envenomed? I've got a Bastard Sword too, but no prof yet and no lessons left. Just trying to work out what is what after years of playing with puppets :)

(Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."


  • I just got some tips regarding focus, overhand, underhand, brain and pulverise so have some plan of where to go now. :)

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • Warhammer deals less health damage and doesn't give you the option to envenom, but deals increased limb damage (being a blunt weapon) and attacks faster (higher speed stat). At the start of the fight, using a warhammer may be slightly better for building fractures, since you're that bit faster than sip (apply health) balance and with low fracture levels you likely won't have the relapsing afflictions to take advantage of an additional venom (i.e. they'd still be able to keep up with herb balance). Most people seem to just go for bastard sword and hack away, because the damage involved is rough.

    You want to either focus speed (reduces balance, maybe some kind of associated penalty?) or focus precision (reduces damage but deals two levels of fracture, if I recall correctly) when using hew/pulverise, overhand and underhand. I don't have enough experience with the spec to suggest which would be the better option, though, so something for you to test out.

    Devastate arms/legs will give varying level of breaks to their arms or legs, depending on the number of fractures (torn tendons for legs, wrist fractures for arms) they have. I think it's 2/4/6 for mending/single resto/double resto but could very well be wrong. If the limb is already restoration broken, and you devastate with 4 or 6 stacks, it will get upgraded to the next level. So single resto left leg + devastate with 4 torn tendons would be double resto left leg and single resto right leg.
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