What do the languages look like?

I've never actually seen anybody speak any language aside from Achaean in-game. If Parvel were to speak Satyri, for instance, would it translate into its own specific syntax, or would it be seen as a mix-match of letters and ellipses as seen in the MUTTER command?

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    It picks random words and nonexistant real-sounding words and mashes them all together. If you're in person they'll just say 'something unintelligible'

    edit: You told Crixos: Eight started rider lavender wise till sin violence.

  • It just picks random words
  • To anyone else who speaks the language (native or fluently), the wording and structure of the sentence remains the same and is comprehensible. To anyone else who doesn't speak the language, it's like a jumble of random words. This is also applicable to city languages.
  • Might be fun to play with some of the alternate language characters sometime like for example someone says something in targossian you see random words in hebrew and mhaldorian you see random german words or something. No clue it'd be funny but might confuse poor newbies a bit.
    (Blades of Valour): He just has that Synbios Swagger enough said.
    (Blades of Valour): Draekar says: "Synbios if sunbeams sparkle off that I'll kill you where you stand."

    (Party) Halos says, "Disbar?"
    (Party) Draekar says, "You know here we have disbar."
    (Party) Draekar says, "And over there we have datbar."
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    It depends on the fluency level of listeners in that language, and whether it's a say, a tell, a shout, or a yell. If someone is half fluent, for instance, they might hear half of what you said in front of them correctly and half as random words.

    A frenzied cleric screams, "Like more than one halo!"
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