Mudlet: Problems with clickcallback, labelonenter and labelonleave

edited January 2016 in Client Help
I posted this over at the Mudlet forums too but it has yet to be approved. I figured I would post this here as well since the Mudlet forum seems like the members have been dwindling some and I thought that asking another audience might help find an answer!

 So, like the title says I'm having issues utilizing the three functions to create a hover effect on a label. I tried to use the labelonenter and labelonleave to create a hover with my images but they kept throwing errors. So, I instead used QLabel hover and managed to get the hover effect but wasn't able to set a clickcallback. In all, there are three images: the default tab inactive icon, the tab inactive hover icon, and the tab active icon. If anyone has an idea to get them active, I'd be so grateful! I've been working on this for several day by dissecting other GUIs to figure out what works but to no avail can I find the answer I seek!


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