Painfully new

Hello fellow Achaeans,

I thought I would say hello. I've been playing just about a month now, and while I have gotten better, I still feel painfully new. A friend of mine had been trying for years to get me to play, but it took Mhaldor to make me stay. 

Mhaldor frustrates me, but it's a lot of fun too. 

I guess that's all. Hello!



  • Sup. It's Viggy.
  • Hello! You haven't been around in awhile on Vigs.

  • My main got unshrubbed, so.....
  • Ah, so no more Vig. It was nice playing with you.

  • Not no more ever! Just... not as much.
  • Hi Zimona!  :)
  • Zimona said:
    Mhaldor frustrates me
    You know what this means

  • Hey there! Don't worry- I'm also painfully new... and painfully idiotic sometimes, so just remember it could be worse.

    And Vig.... just shrub your main again so you don't have to choose... c'mon, y'know you want to....!

    Anyway, Mhaldor is actually awesome, though I miss being able to actually RP....
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    @elowin :( 
    /don't like. 

    @Kafziel Zi is mad at you IC!

    @salek Why can't you RP? I have had more than a few idiotic moments so far. 

    @Izydor Hi Izzy!

  • @Zimona What can I say, I'm shy? I guess I don't want to badger people, because everyone seems like they're on a mission!
  • @salek I feel like that too. Then again I've already had more than a few people yell at me for trying to talk to them, so I get really shy. I did find that nifty RPWHO thing, though no one is ever on it. 

  • VayneVayne Rhode Island
    Welcome to Achaea!
  • In Mhaldor, if you want to have small talk with someone you must be very good friends with them. Being able to hold a conversation with someone in Mhaldor about something not mission oriented is kind of like getting married. It takes years of commitment and hard work but eventually someone will say "Nice weather today."
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  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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    Since we seem to have a few little Mhaldorians in here:

    You never have to feel like you're "bothering" someone by trying to reach out and interact with people. We like interacting with people, it's part of what makes the game fun! In Mhaldor, especially, we take note of novices who are proactive in their interactions and wanting to get involved. With the general Evil atmosphere, there's not a lot of hand-holding, but no one is ever going to berate you (or shouldn't anyway) for just asking questions. It's what the MCI is for, after all, as well as HNT, or even just reaching out to one of us randomly.

    We all do, admittedly, get really busy sometimes, thus the "on a mission" vibe. Mostly because a lot of the leaders are juggling quite a few different responsibilities and activities, generally aimed towards stuff that maintains the city as a whole, interactive events for you all to enjoy, or improving the Mhaldorian experience (both city and Houses). We also all get a bit tired/overwhelmed at times, and of course, we all deal with our own OOC things. I think especially lately, this has been the case for several of the higher-ranked Mhaldorians. 

    All that said, despite our small team, we always try and do a lot for the up-and-coming novices, though generally a little patience is appreciated, as sometimes some things fall out of our control. Some pretty fun and interesting things are upcoming for the city, so something to look forward to!

    Welcome to Achaea. :)
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  • The holidays are always a hectic time even in Achaea (especially in Achaea).

    @Zimona and @Salek Welcome! Every city has its frustrations. Don't let that get you down, or how things seem. Book and cover. I was 98.9% silent when I started this game (not on Tessa mind you), and Tessa still likes to keep to the backdrops most times. There are a lot of good people around. Doesn't make it much easier to come out of that shell, but knowing is the start! Just remember, the worst that'll happen, is you'll get strung up in red square as a lovely display for the next evening! :pleased: 
  • BorivojBorivoj Seattle, WA
    Hey @Zimona and @Salek! Mhaldor seems a lot more uninviting than it is, but Aepas and Melodie are both spot on. That being said, don't be afraid to ask questions and such - conversations about more important things often leads to small talk eventually. Just...not on city channels. Don't do that.
  • I remember when I played in Mhaldor, I only joined because they said house credit sales are regular lol. But then you start to get involved in the small events or volunteer to help here and there, that's when conversations will come to you. 

    For anyone attempting small talk, I found it easier when you relate it to Mhaldorian teachings. It's nice to hear a fresh take on old topics. 
  • As another new player, I just thought I'd say hi. Still figuring stuff out, but having a blast so far.
  • Welcome! Sorry I gave your character a headache from all of @Elowin's Shouting!
  • Welcome". You seem to be doing just fine in Mhaldor from what I can see. Also, take note of what Melodie is saying, Mhaldor can be really hard to get into at time but once you get a foothold things become easier. 

    I flit between Sobby and my Mhaldorian, but when I'm around on him I'll look you up. He needs to get some interaction going too

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • @kyre hi and welcome

    @jinsun It was fun role play though. The surprise heads were amusing. 

    @sobriquet I am around really often. 

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    @Zimona I didn't get to meet you yesterday.  :( I thought you were coming with @Salek to meet me on my ship and hang out because Mhaldorians are awesomes. We should meet, I love RPing with peoples.
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    Jinsun said:
    Welcome! Sorry I gave your character a headache from all of @Elowin's Shouting!
    I... do not have the ability to shout, lacking both levels 99+ and the horn artifact.

    Edit: Ah right, Enlightenment forces a shout.
  • Hey @Zimona, and welcome!

    I have to second some of the posts here, Mhaldor is a lot of fun. 

    Polishing @Kitiara's claws was obviously humiliating IC for Aesgar, but at the same time just another day in the slave life.

    It's been a blast since day one and looking forward to getting to know all these awesome players even further.
  • @aesgar The claw polishing was so funny. 

    @Adaele Salek makes a bad ambassador. 

  • @Zimona That is not true! Zimona is just difficult.... 
  • @salek that is true!

  • I am not a Mhaldorian but I have a few Mhaldorian friends, they are the nicest people ever. It is a great city, you will do fine. 
  • It seems like you're settling in just fine! If you ever want to come to Cyrene for a conversion attempt or to meet heathens or whatever, hit me up :) Welcome to Achaea! I hope you continue to enjoy it.
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