Returning to Achaea!

Hey everyone!

I'm very excited because I finally have time to return to Achaea. My welding job kept me away from home, and I was never in one spot for a long period of time  :(
Now that I'm officially done with running beads for at least 7 months, I have some awesome down time incoming! (well deserved if I say so myself)

Cahotha is ready to get back in the fray and smite thine enemies to bits with the power of Light oozing from every orifice! Hahahahhaha

And, to whet your appetites, here's what I will look like while giving my intense sermons...(bring some tissues, sh-t gets emotional)


  • Picture has no beard, this guy isn't a real dwarf he's a poser.

    Jk wb
  • Welcome back! Always to hear of someone returning to the scene. Especially when I've only recently done so myself.
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    Sarapis said:

    Welcome back!
    That's the most epic nod I've ever seen. After watching it my beard grew a beard.
  • Welcome back man, looking forward to chillin' with you more in game
         He is a coward who has to bring two friends as backup to jump people hunting.

  • Run! Run away you fool, before you are completely ensnared! You still have a cha-no, don't put me back in the box. I dun wanna. I dun wanna! Nooooooooo

    Welcome back or some-such :3
    When Canada rules the world,
    things will be... nii~ice.
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