Severe lag - 05/01/16 (ASD)



  • Im guessing aardwolf people. 

  • Medi said:
    Is it Santar? =( Is he mad?
    More like Dajio Olysias
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    Cooper said:
    Sarapis said:
    Turns out it's someone trying to blackmail us. They want a pay out in bitcoin to go away. Fat chance, obviously. We're deploying some countermeasures shortly that should sort things out.

    I'll give you four guesses as to who it is.
    Yeah it only costs like $10 to hire a DDoS. They sold it in plans and packages. It's crazy.

    Mark Zuck and Larry Page and Jeff Bezos need to look at stopping Cyber crimes and DDoS, before making internet free.
  • Pretty sure* DDoS gives cause so you could always hire an IRL mark, I hear Timux is available.

    *if I'm wrong, you can hire rukimoro to handle any ensuing issues.
  • Seems like there's a disgruntled player trying to 'stick it to the man', man. Just glad they've not really been successful beyond the brief inconvenience of lag.
  • Lyrin said:
    Pretty sure* DDoS gives cause so you could always hire an IRL mark, I hear Timux is available.

    *if I'm wrong, you can hire rukimoro to handle any ensuing issues.
  • I think the Garden got their idea for the next big event. Fighting little chaos entities that chew away at the fabric of time.
  • Let Tanris suit up and fight these ddos attacks head on , in the interwebs!

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    I feel like this is a certain infamous person that was somewhat recently (maybe not so recently, no idea) banned because of stupidity. Just seems like the sort of stupid and petty thing said person would do.
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
  • It is important to remember that DDoS is in fact a Federal Crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) which carries not inconsiderable penalties, up to and including ten years in prison and fines of upwards of $500,000 in the United States. 

    It would probably be best therefore to leave this to the admins and abstain from speculative posts about who might be behind it. We don't want to be accusing anybody of a crime they may not have committed.
  • What happens if the perpetrator is not on US soil and attacks a site hosted in the US?
  • Then we call Batman to perform an extraordinary rendition.

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    @Anaria is another cool one. One thing to remember with these maps is that the "target" is usually the point of entry into the country, so it'll usually show up where the ISP is, rather than the actual target.

    As for the DDoS, it's actually quite tricky to bring most things down with just one PC (both because you don't have the fire power and because its easy to counter), you usually need at least a small bot net. There are a couple of tools/people on the internet who run bot nets (where a bot is usually some innocent guy who's computer's been compromised by malware, aka, your parents) and they're pretty easy to find if you know where to look.

    While you could possibly convince some of them to do it for free (for the lulz), they usually require a small fee. Unless you have access to a network of compromised systems, it's not something you just install on your PC and click "Go".
  • AktillumAktillum Philippines
    This thread has turned into "who is trying to bring down Achaea?" into "how to bring down Achaea". O.o

  • Daaaaaaaaaamn Guangzhou is bringing the heat.

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