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Apologies if this isn't the right forum for this.

I have an idea for my shield customization. Basically a metallic device consisting of moving plates shifted/held aloft (once activated) by runic power. I'll spare the details for now, but I plan on reactions for it as well. My question is who might be good with this style of commission and up for it? Paying in gold/credits, of course.


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    I'll be your huckleberry, if you care to message me to discuss the details. Some examples can be found here.

  • INV: an interlocking rune shield

    DROP: Rune-etched steel plates lie scattered upon the ground, all that remains of the shield they once formed.

    EXAMINE: This complex shield is formed from approximately a dozen interlocking plates, each one exquisitely carved by the hand of a master smith. The blue fire limning the edge of each plate reveals the pattern that interlocks the component parts into the larger shield, though so perfect is the join that it is otherwise nearly indistinguishable despite the lack of any physical element holding them together. The plates are marked with a trifecta of the ancient runes themselves, the pattern forming a chained elk upon a shield.
    Off the cuff and very basic. Interlocking plates, blue fire (Yggdrasil flame reference, since the original Runes were carved on it and I just checked to see what the colour was in-game, plus blue is good), rune references/power (Gebu, Gebo and Algiz). Assuming it's along the lines of what you want, you could take that as a base to work from.
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  • a runic balladeer's shield

    Propped upon its handle, an iron shield displays a ballad told in grime-dulled brass runes.

    Metallurgic iron, alchemically engineered to spurn the red reach of rust despite its evident age, comprises the dozens of interchangeable, interlocking plates forming this balladeer's shield. Less inured to the ages, oxidised brass embellishments display a single rune upon each small plate, the fire-bright metal dulled by decades to the grimy shades of an ill-tended hearth. Of a hefty size and curving, rectangular shape, the sturdy shield's inner face bears a cladding of dark, fume-finished mountain larch, and mustard-yellow manticore hide enwraps a pair of handles at the point of balance. Read together in their current orientation, the brass runes tell a story of the shield's last battle: bold elk stands alone against a cadaverous figure given prominence by a vanguard of stark, nightmarish runes, the steed of journey traverse a mountain range, and the open eye of unwanted truth stares down the rising sun.

    And then you activate it somehow to energise it, and the runes rearrange to tell whatever new story (this will probs cost like 4k in customisations, good luck)
  • Sorry for the delay in response. The samples provided are brilliant! Given that Kresslack posted first, though, I'm giving him first shot. Thanks to all that responded!
  • I have a dirk (for my serpent), thinking of customizing it:

    Appearance: A clove-woven jade dirk
    Dropped: Almost hidden in the dirt is a clove-woven jade dirk.
    Examined: ??

    My idea is that it's a polished dirk made of jade. Not very big, about a 6.5 inches. The handle is clove-woven. It's thin and light.

    I am not good with words, looking for some suggestions :)
  • What on earth is clove-woven?

  • Trey said:
    What on earth is clove-woven?
    Or anything leaf. Clove just looks cute.
  • Appearance: A vine whittled jade dirk
    Dropped: Nearly hidden, a jade dirk lies here
    Examined: Whittled masterfully to resemble entwined vines, this jade dirk has been given a matte finish, not unlike the greenery of the flora it represents. Painstaking detail has been added along the tang of the weapon, giving the dirk the resemblance of a living vine. The crosspiece is fashioned from a vibrant silver, the gleaming metal a stark contrast to the centrepiece of the weapon, each side ending in a small sharp point resembling a thorn. The handle has been molded to fit perfectly with the hand of its owner, and has been wrapped in premium charcoal El'Jaziran leather. 

    I dunno, it's nearly 2am and I was bored. Have fun.

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    Pleb! Dirks are long, daggers are short :p - My input, also bored and a bit rushed.

    Appearance: a pristine leafblade dirk
    Examined: Glinting faintly, a polished leaf-shaped dirk catches your eye on the ground.
    Dropped: Masterfully woven platinum and jade comprises this elegant dirk, the blade polished to given it a near permanent shine. Extending eight inches in length, the dual-strand blade curves slightly inwards towards the middle and then outwards again near the top, narrowing to a lethal point. Meticulously engraved into the faces of the dirk is a thoroughly detailed spiderweb patterning, further enhancing the leafy appearance. Flaring out at the bottom, the entwined metal and gemstone arc downwards over the hand of the wielder to create a protective crossguard, each side ending in pointed tips. Affixed to the base, a hollowed pipe of shining silver creates the perfect handhold for the wielder, its length wrapped tightly with emerald-dyed caribou leather to afford a firm grip in combat.

    Trey said:
    What on earth is clove-woven?
    I don't think this is a word, unless you mean clove-shaped :surprised: 

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