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Advice on roleplay- from a (potentially) returning player

ThuvalenThuvalen Member Posts: 2
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I started playing Achaea a few years ago. (Thuvalen is an 'alt', by the way.) I stopped playing partially because of school and lack of time, but also because I was getting bored with the game- running out of things to do. Personally, bashing never had any appeal, and combat was too hard to get into. I just wanted to "RP", mainly, if that makes sense. But I wasn't really good at it. 

Looking back now, the problem was that I didn't create an interesting enough character for myself to RP as- joined a faction that I think is a bit boring RP-wise, didn't really have aspirations or goals, wasn't really proactive in interactions with other characters. So I left myself excited with possibilities, but not having anything to actually do. It was also harder to find interactions because of my timezone, but I feel like that's a secondary issue.

Now, the questions.
Do you think it'd be worth returning to Achaea as my old character, knowing that I'm going to want to reinvent the character? (I feel inclined to hold onto whatever small amount of xp/artefacts/gold/"material" progress my old character had, but I'd also like a clean slate) Will joining Mhaldor magically give me the opportunities for RP that I felt was lacking in, say, Eleusis (no offense, Eleusians)? How has the situation since then, with the change to houses etc? Also comments or discussion on the subject of being proactive in roleplaying, and creating interesting characters is welcome.

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  • KylassaKylassa Posts: 9 ✭✭ - Stalwart
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    Well with every character I have noticed there comes a time when the character changes. I dont see why it would be a problem to keep an old character alive. Honestly it ultimately boils down to how YOU see your character and what direction you wish to go with him/her. 

    If you don't want to delete and just switch cities perfect. There are so many different options to help you along with character development, and how you want your end result. That's the beauty of RPG's you are constantly evolving and changing, its always different the more you bask in it so to speak.

    I wish you nothing but the best! If you ever wish to RP Kylassa/ I doesnt bite...usually. Good luck and do what you have to do and dont worry so much about other peoples opinion on keeping/deleting a character. I cant tell you much else as I am still a newbie, but I hope that you understand the purpose of my response!
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