Trey's promissory note thread actually made me think of this. 

I'd actually love for there to be a secure warehouse where people can store their rare goods or stuff for collection or to facilitate transactions. You see some people using shops as displays more than for actually selling things and it's often the desire for a stockroom (or more specifically a non-decay room) that factors into driving shop prices through the roof. 

Personally I just want a place to keep some memorabilia. Occasionally I take things out and cycle them in my house for display, but the cost of non-decaying individual items is crazy when you have so many, and I don't want to put everything on display because that's spammy. 

So, I'd like for a sort of trading post/warehouse in Delos. You can keep any number of items you want so long as you're willing to pay the rent for it, and it gets progressively more expensive as you try to hoard more items. For example, you could pay 2k a year to store 5 items, 5k for 10, 12k for 20 and so forth. The rent can be automatically deducted from your account the same way mining fees are.

Should you default on your payments, the items can either be automatically returned to you (merciful) or the debt of rent can be accrued up to a certain level (maybe 50-100k, tiered according to your annual rent perhaps) after which the warehouse will sell or auction your stuff off to the public to settle the debt. 


  • I like it. I'd like an option where you could notify the warehouse that a given person could retrieve the item instead of you, for the same aesthetic reasons that my note idea was for, but otherwise with the 'We'll sell your shit if you don't keep up on the rent' penalty it could be interesting. Could even do the lots as blind auctions for a decent gold sink, Achaean Pawn Stars style.

  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    I think it'd be better for them to just return your item(s) when the money you gave them runs out instead of saying they're going to sell it. Sometimes life happens and you have to step away, and having your item returned with X amount of months left on it could be the difference between coming back and being able to still preserve the item or losing it forever. Otherwise it'd be similar to letting stables have the right to sell or kill your mount(s) if you don't keep paying for them to stay instead of just 'evicting' the mount.

    However, not sure I am into this warehouse idea. Isn't that what the box of stasis is for?
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  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
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    A box of stasis costs 750cr  to keep 5 items from decay. This is a payment that needs be made in one shot and is an amount that not many people can fork out. I wonder how many people actually own one.

    It costs 250cr to non-decay 5 items. This is a payment that can be made in micro transactions of 50cr, easily payable over time with your monthly IRE if you have it. It adds up overtime if you look at things in the long term, but you'll see more people take this option over the box since the box has a fixed volume rather than the immediate and permanent non-decay effect afforded by the customisation.

  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    Sounds like they'd have to do away with the box then, because this makes it pretty much almost useless...
    What doesn't kill you gives you exp.

  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    The box is transportable, though, and is fairly effective for certain combative purposes: sigils and jester bombs, for instance. It does also mean you won't need to pay anything afterward - it's a one-time payment and then you're set (for that many items).
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  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    Pretty sure the arti box doesn't let you store armour or weapons like the stasis bags do. They're a bit limited. Not that that matters much now that godly rapiers don't exist but they are still limited on what you can use them for.

    And on the subject of boxes, I do have one on my list. I'm just still slowly restoring all the level 3 artis that I traded in a while ago. Figured they ought to take priority.
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  • I have one of the boxes, it's incredibly useful for storing groupable objects like sigils, bombs and meteors but the capacity is kind of limited. I'd happily pay the price again to extend the capacity so I don't have to script around having more than one of them.
  • edited December 2015
    As long as I don't have to deal with achaean storage warsI am ok with this idea.
  • Sylvaria said:
    As long as I don't have to deal with achaean storage warsI am ok with this idea.
    *hums* And here I was planning on dragging you with me whenever they auctioned off storage. We could even argue about my bad decisions! (WHAT!? 500k FOR A CHEST OF NUTS!?"

  • Siduri said:
    Sylvaria said:
    As long as I don't have to deal with achaean storage warsI am ok with this idea.
    *hums* And here I was planning on dragging you with me whenever they auctioned off storage. We could even argue about my bad decisions! (WHAT!? 500k FOR A CHEST OF NUTS!?"
    what kind of nuts? 500k for, say, harvested nuts of enemies could be an interesting investment
  • personally i also like this idea as a temporary means of protecting your stuff incase life forces a domrmancy on you. as it has done to me several times. its difficult to come back with no clothes or vials or armor or money and try to pick yourself up from your boot straps. it usually takes me a rl year to get back to full strength. 
  • Dormancy isn't a big deal at all in terms of supplies now, 5-10k gold (which can be earned in 15 minutes without any supplies to start with) should be all you need to cover all your decayed supplies regardless of class. Elixirs/salves are riftable now, weapons and armour are cheap if you're fine with something plain-looking, arrows and tarot cards have their own rift-like storage now where they don't decay, etc., so the biggest expense now is a set of empty vials.
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    The author is Skye. Honest mistake.
  • I absolutely love this idea and would totally use it if it were implemented but I don't see it being implemented because it would remove the immediacy of the need for non-decaying things (for those of us who don't have a shop). Even if it were made into a bigger gold sink (I'd still use it) it still wouldn't replace the financial benefit of the non-decay credits I'd imagine. But a girl can dream.
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    Tecton said:
    I clicked on this thinking it said "whorehouses" - was sorely disappointed.
    Yah, that's another thing. When are we getting workable NPC whorehouses back? RIP Mhaldor brothel :(

  • Tecton said:
    I clicked on this thinking it said "whorehouses" - was sorely disappointed.
    You were just hoping say say 'Denied, could be easily implemented client-side' weren't you?
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