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I feel almost rude asking. Would it be lame for me to use some of the stuff from here? It seems like the Garden has some stuff written up for Achaean mhun, considering some of the little hidden things (the murals, the cleric, room descs,) but can some of this be used? Is it all way more written out than I've managed to find/guess?


  • Aetolia is, by canon, basically a direct parallel world of Achaea that started out as an exact copy. It'd probably be okay to use stuff that overlaps in both games now, though make sure it actually overlaps! If Moghedu is now a sky fortress in Aetolia or something, don't bring that over, for an extreme and obvious example. Just make sure things haven't changed too drastically since the split for whatever area you're looking at.
  • I'd caution against without researching here first - Mog got some revamps awhile back that changed culture some.
  • Yeah you definitely have to do research first.
  • Some stuff could fit right in. For example, the phrase 'entesh, untesh' would be right at home with the cleric's dialog, untranslated or not.
  • The game/world were copies originally, yes. But Aetolia has since developed to be a LOT different from Achaea... I really would say 'no' to using stuff from that game, since it's pretty clearly (and knowingly) breaking the IC/OOC rule. If none of that stuff is seen in Achaea, it's a pretty obvious sign you shouldn't be using it in Achaea. That'd almost be akin to speaking about Ati in Azdun (before he got killed in Aetolia).

  • I mean, people 'break' ic/ooc when they copy RL languages for their ingame langauges already, or when their rituals in game are based on RL ritualist practices, too. You can get ideas from places without blatantly ripping them off.
  • Er... if that were the case, the whole thing is 'breaking' IC/OOC, given that a ton of places in Achaea are actual places. I don't think taking loanwords from other sources is necessarily an affront to immersion, so long as you're consistent, and it fits with the general history of the places/people you're involving.

    I'd like to mention, though, that some stuff kind of bugs me, but that's because I'm kind of OCD about certain things. For instance, the decidedly Eastern languages on which the monk Houses based their titles, which seemed to not fit their Cities' aesthetic at all. Still, if it's Admin-sanctioned, you can't really say it's not in keeping with the game, particularly if the roots of a language are already established (Artemis' rituals spring to mind).

    On another note, if people didn't take stuff from different languages, they'd have to actually invent languages to make Achaea's different tongues unintelligible to people who don't know them, and that'd be even worse than using loanwords.
  • BTW, does anyone recognize what language Mhun borrows from, if any?
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    If you mean the one written in Aetolia, it has Latin and old high German influences, but the form it currently takes is completely constructed by Ignotum.
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