Hydra Prepping

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I've been trying to get this question answered for a couple days now and I thought I'd try here, but I'm new to Druid and even newer to prepping. As a priest, I could get away with just using afflictions to get a kill, even as a beginner, but it is hard to get one as a new unartied Druid. I'm fairly decent with flight and curing, but that won't win a battle. (I'm also tri-transed and have survival/weaponry maxed.)

 My question is how do you do hydra limb prepping -effectively- to get a kill? My desire is to prep, bind, freeze, and then pound. My method right now is flame, snap, and prep with clamp × 3 each limb and then try to break, bind, icewyrm freeze × 3, and then gorilla pound. I know this is hard to accomplish, but I'm new at this and like to try to stay away from the typical mauling someone to death. Thanks for the help!

Edit: also like to add, I tried the method before twice above and it goes to shit. I have no idea how to get it to work!


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    @Rom you got this buddy


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    This was seriously a lot more information than I was anticipating! Thank you! I will try implementing it when I get back into my normal system after this weekend. 

    (Multi-command Aliases are definitely my friend after a year of priest. I make it a point to see how much I can shove in a three letter command. I could not even imagine surviving more than a few seconds without it!)
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