increasing the chance to extract additional primes

Master metallurgist - A chance to extract additional alchemical primes

So. I've transcended Synthesis and have the above trait. I even plan on taking Alchemist as my second class. But until then, I want the chance to extract additional primes to become more consistent or I'm going to go crazy, because I need an even amount of shit in my rift.

Before I had the MM trait, I only extracted two of each prime. Then I gained the MM trait and now sometimes I extract three of one prime and/or two of the others. It's a gamble; I can't tell which I'm going to get. But it's making the numbers of minerals in my rift uneven and I have to do crazy things to even them out, like eat a handful of ferrum flakes when I'm not nauseous or feed some realgar pinches to a humgii.

It's literally driving me crazy, Sarapis. Pls help.

(XXXX): Peak says, "You worry me."


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