[Mudlet] I heard you like voting...

...I'm not clever enough to use this meme properly.

Simple script which automates the voting process for you, shamelessly stolen from Imperian!
(Thanks Dicene)

To use, make sure you have CONFIG VOTING ON, then simply type 'vote' once every 12-13 hours, and the script will do the rest for you.

Now go and vote, lazy people.


  • Hey Big S (@Sarapis)...

    is it possible to get config voting to trigger on if your on a different IP address as well? Does it do that already? Like oh I see you voted already... but not from THIS wifi :D

  • Our records now show that you have voted.
    [5151h | 4686m | 47%] ex (14:59:19.514)  

    Just means you've voted on the char. It'll still count on the website if you vote from multiple locations, since it uses scripting to 'click' the vote button.

  • Is it against the rules to have a totally auto voter or something?

  • edited November 2015
    Cooper said:
    Is it against the rules to have a totally auto voter or something?
    You can automate up to bringing up the vote page, but not clicking the actual button on that page. Or make it so they have to type something to cause it to do that. Etc. From TMS:

    Can I automate the voting?
    You can create tools to make it easier to vote for your MUD with a single click, but you cannot automate the voting entirely. TMS is a traffic exchange. Games send their players here to vote and they gain exposure to other MUDs while here. Players coming from other MUDs to vote get some exposure to your MUD. 

    Automaing the voting boosts your ranking unfairly and undermines the integrity of the entire system. Games found distributing tools to automate their player's voting will no longer be listed in the rankings. 

    While we realize that is easy to beat the gateway page and automate anyway, note that we reorganized the page regularly. If the number of votes for your mud drops drastically after a gateway page changes, that is a strong indicator of automation.
    Current scripts: GoldTracker 1.2, mData 1.1
    Site: https://github.com/trevize-achaea/scripts/releases
    Thread: http://forums.achaea.com/discussion/4064/trevizes-scripts
    Latest update: 9/26/2015 better character name handling in GoldTracker, separation of script and settings, addition of gold report and gold distribute aliases.
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