Are there any classes that heal other players health consistently? Was looking at priest but it looks like it costs spirituality, so I assume it would be a limited use spell?

My wife is considering changing from druid and asked me if there are classes that can be straight healers, so she can keep me healed up while I tank.


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    There's no real demand for dedicated healers in Achaea, but there are a few classes that can heal both health and afflictions on other players:

    • Occultist and jester have priestess, magician, and fool tarot cards to heal health, mana, and afflictions (this last one on a timer). These have infinite uses, essentially, but cost 20 gold per use + some time to inscribe each card beforehand.
    • Druid and sylvan have vigour to give a burst of regeneration, and remedy to cure afflictions. They can also give people prismatic barriers, which can prevent most attacks as long as no action is taken by the barriered person. These cost grove/staff energy, but staff energy at least is pretty easy to refill. Druid can also heal people standing on their reclaimed rooms, but that'd require setup.
    • Priest and paladin have hands which costs devotion and is therefore sort of limited, yes. Priest also has a third person shield ability that mimics the tattoo. Priest can also heal basically any affliction off someone.
    A few other classes have healing abilities of various sorts (harmonics for bards for instance), but they're less 'dedicated' than the ones I listed. Like I said, though, there's no real demand for dedicated healers, this isn't a trinity type game with tank/healer/dps. While bashing it's usually better for both of you to be attacking, and in group combat you'd be doing a mix of defensive/offensive things usually.
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    magi Harmony vibration acts as a heal for people the magi has allied within the room. Also reflections to, when timed correctly, cancel out the enemy's next attack.
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  • Thanks guys!
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    My Sylvan used to hunt with a magi and pretty much just kept reflections up to mitigate damage while they did all the killing. You just have to time casting it for directly after they attack, so it doesn't get dropped beforehand by their offensive attack. Worked pretty decently about 80% of the time. Occasionally denizens have faster hits or I had latency issues which messed up my timing.
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