Help me choose a new place to live in the US.



  • CarmellCarmell Eastern Washington
    Eastern WA has the lakes, mountains, shooting ranges all within minutes of each other.  We have I think it's 4 different ski mountains within a couple hours drive.  Spokane international airport.  Conservative city in a very liberal state.  As someone stated before EW/NI has been talked about as being it's own state because we don't fit the politics of most of our states population.  Although if you ever look at a electoral map a large part of the state votes red.  Just all the people in Western Wa outnumber us people wise.
  • You should come to Australia. Your life would be short but our beaches aren't dingy grey things and our venomous wildlife is pretty.
  • Jonathin said:
    Grand Rapids, MI. I'm not biased at all.
    I was raised in Holland. LG Chem just built a battery plant there so it's a real possibility. I'd be pretty excited to return to the Great Lakes.

    As someone who has lived overseas and currently resides in the us, my only advice to you is: stay overseas. 
    It's too easy to make money in the US. I'd rather work another 6-7 years and then retire here than be unable to save anything thanks to latinamerican inflation.

    Quisse said:
    You could live in New Hampshire, which is beautiful, mountainous clean and absolutely perfect 7 months out of the year. Plus NH loves its guns! :chuffed:  Yoga is big big big around here. And there's absolutely a million ways to make that happen. Plus, New England is the best place ever for zipping around. Tons to see in a relatively small space! 

    I grew up in MA, still work in MA, and moved to NH about 5 years ago. Best move ever. PM me if you want to talk. :)
    New Hampshire (and Vermont) have been in the back of my mind for a while, but I suspect it'll be hard to find a job in my field there. Lots of places hiring electrochemists in MA or CT, but I don't really want to be a resident of either state.

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    come to tennessee and be the monster under my bed.
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  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
    Based on pretty much everything you noted, I'd suggest Washington, but nowhere in the urban belt between Seattle and Tacoma . 

    Western Washington University (Bellingham), Evergreen State College (Olympia), and - if you don't mind the ocean drive being 2.5 hrs instead of 2 - Central Washington (Ellensburg). 

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  • Holland is badass. Home of New Holland brewery, should take the tour!

  • Fort Collins is a magical place. Would live there again, 10/10.
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    Apparently we aren't all anti-gun here in the Bay Area?:
  • Krypton said:
    Apparently we aren't all anti-gun here in the Bay Area?:
    I have three big hobbies: argentine tango (like this), motorcycle camping/travel (example), and competitive shooting (filmed here in Argentina).

    The Bay Area is among the best areas in the country for the first two, and among the worst for the third. It's a place I'll definitely visit for dancing, and if I live within a thousand miles or so, I might ride there to do that. But California is pretty expensive in general, and has a lot of strange restrictions on what guns I could own which would limit competitive options. It's not totally off the table because there are a lot of jobs there in my field, but I'm definitely favoring other areas in the beginning of the search.
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    never mind
  • Texas has the best economy of any of the states, so...

    College Station, TX

    It's a great place to open a business, and a yoga/dance studio should do well (if put in the right location)

    It's perfectly centrally located to everywhere you might want to go in Texas.

    Bonus points if it includes something of the following:

    • Has mountains. - We have Gander Mountain (largest gun counter in Texas, I think) so that should count
    • Is within an 2-hour drive of an international airport. - There's at least two. One in Houston, one in Austin
    • Has lakes or near an ocean. - Check
    • There's a National Forest nearby. - Check
    • Winters are shorter than 5 months. - What's "winter"? (It gets cold, but not that cold)
    • Has a university. - Home of the Fightin' Texas Aggies (whoop)

    I'm not a competitive pistol shooter, but I can get you in touch with that community.

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