Survey Time! [Plz help :( ]



  • Trevize said:
    The survey is contradictory. It says do not take the survey if you are familiar, then asks if you are familiar.
    I suspect it's to further weed out results to get more accurate data. Some don't read directions well.
  • AthelasAthelas Cape Town South Africa
    This survey got me thinking about a cousin I've not seen in 30 years. I remember how she struggled with her hearing loss and how her life changed when she was identified as suffering from severe hearing loss.

    Survey submitted, I hope it helps.
  • Kondar said:
    I did not take it, I am familiar with Deaf culture. My brother is Deaf, and I've been in Deaf Culture, and sign language classes for years. There is is gonna be another one for those who are familiar?
    Thank you for actually reading the directions! Sorry for my delay in response, the GF was still uncertain whether or not she wanted to actually write one for those familiar with deaf culture. For the time being I don't believe she thinks its necessary. If there is one in the future, I'll be sure to post it.

    Again, thanks to everyone who took the time to do the survey! I really appreciate it, and since there are a few curious, I'll see if I can get a basic summary of the results to post here.

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