ghost hunt meet-up



  • To that I say

  • All right, now that I realise the date area for this.. IF I can swing this in terms of getting off from work and the like, I'd be down for it. Some of my friends and I have done things like this before so chalking up another experience like this, but with a group of Achaeans sounds awesome. I'm definitely interested, I will know more if whether or not if I can whenever time is closer to it! 

  • This looks like it would be a blast. I did something like this once back in Abq, but not in a place nearly as big as this one. Limited to Achaean's? Or could I bring my wife? She'd love the hell out of this too. Also, do we have an idea of when?
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  • KasyaKasya Tennessee
    August or September and I'd assume, yes you could bring your wife. :)

    I'm getting more excited and this is months away...
  • I have a Deliverance style fishing camp about 20 minutes from there for anyone needing to pinch pennies after the entry fee. 
  • I am counting about 8 potential participants so far. We need a minimum of 10 but 15 or so would be nice in case anyone has to bail. That way we still have our minimum number. I am still willing to take a trip down sometime this spring/summer to gather more info, if I survive the flashlight drags I was just told I have to compete in this May.  O.o 

    I found some places that rent equipment. Who knew? I would be ok with grabbing some stuff to make this even more fun. I am also leaning toward September as the month to do this. And of course anyone is welcome to bring their family. Kids must be at least 12 I believe for the private hunts. 
  • I could start eating at KFC more. count for two.
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