svof versus wundersys

So I almost got screwed hard by using svof's serverside (it just wouldn't cure paralysis until I turned off serverside, and I had everything in my inventory). It randomly will not put up defences or cure, and there's the thing where it tries to put up blindness before curing anything that's actually bad. I've heard wundersys is pretty good since it was built with serverside in mind and I have a lot of the things svof has already programmed myself (angel reporting, etc.)

There are a few other issues I have with svof:
1. you can't mount without it putting it on keepup
2. it breaks with k's bashing script (you can't do)
3. doesn't use serverside queuing?
4. I don't think either one uses gmcp affliction tracking

Before I start the huge move over to wundersys, I'd love to hear about other peoples' experiences!


  • I'm having trouble getting my custom healing to work. It'll switch back to curing legs before burning or frozen. 

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    I made the switch about a month ago.  Svo is a very nice curing system.  I tried wsys before and felt like it lacking in a few areas (name database and gotop for mapper being the major two). The main reason I made the switch is that I knew svo was not prepared for multiclass and that even if wsys wasnt, I had the ability to change it myself.  Wsys is very easy to edit and debug for me. I did not like the idea of not being able to see functions directly in mudlet. The ease of editing wsys is the number one selling point for me.  If something breaks, I am not stuck waiting around for someone else to fix it.  

    Svof has a lot of potential right now, and it could end up blowing wsys out of the water.  It is all going to depend on who picks it up and starts doing the updates.  At the time I switched, no one really seemed to have picked up.  @Keneanung seems to have released an update and could have more planned, but who knows.  If he is the only one doing major updates, when he quits, you're systemless. At least wsys you can finagle solo
  • There are some people slowly picking up on svof, but it's a complex system, so people have to be careful not to break other stuff. I am myself looking into multiclass, but between full time work and packing boxes for moving, there's barely any time left.

    To adress the points of @Lyr:
    1. There's the alias 'va' to toggle mounting on keepup
    2. A known issue that's giving us some headache. But it should work if you turn batching off
    3. Server side queueing works well for straight commands. But svof do can also run aliases and functions on balance, which is hard to implement for server side.
    4. Gmcp affliction tracking is not very stable. There are some issues with stacking afflictions among other things.

    @Mithridates those issues are with svof?
  • @Keneanung with svo, when I type 'vault gryphon', it puts it on keepup. I would like to be mounted say, at the beginning of the raid, but I don't care about keeping it up when I'm in retard in a group fight. Your script is also still broken sometimes when smashing shields, even with batching off. :(

    I struggled and end up broking wsys's dor queuing, so I think I may suffer with svof for now.
  • Ah that makes sense.
    That shield smashing thing has a fix in my local changes, I should probably push it...
    Wundersys dor should be fixed with CONFIG ShowQueueAlerts YES
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    @Keneanung What are the "other things" that are issues with GMCP? It might be because I've just set everything to be ignored in Svo and am using server-side, but my GMCP aff tracking is much better than Svo's aff tracking for actually knowing what I have.
  • I've never been able to get dragonflex working in either svo or svof. Besides that, it's worked okay for me this far.
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  • We tried to collect the issues with it in some might be resolved in the meantime.
  • Ah... Can't help with that.
  • Svof is causing me so many problems I had t make a post. Many people have tried to fix it for me but no one can figure out why it's not working properly. I am on a fresh computer, fresh mudlet, fresh svo serpent, fresh profile. I'm sick of reinstalling things and having people teamiewer in and do the same thing over and over.

    Where can I  get the latest wundersys and documentation? Is there a clan for support? I keep asking people in game and I can't find a single person who uses wundersys.
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