Bop and Nimble

Bop (Pranks)                                  Known: Yes
Syntax:            BOP <target>
Works on/against:  Adventurers and denizens
Cooldown:          3.00 seconds of balance
This ability requires that you have a blackjack wielded. With it, you may bop someone, either 
adventurer or denizen. It may be used in conjunction with the targeting ability in weaponry.
Additionally, when used against adventurers, it will deliver either amnesia, stupidity, or epilepsy.

Usually, I've noticed attacked that consume balance doesn't give an EXACT time as Bop does here, always 'Balance based on weapon speed' or something. 

Does that mean Nimble doesn't affect Bop? I've already got Nimble, but I er... Forgot what times I was at before I had it. Heh. Just trying to confirm, 'cause... Random knowledge. Going to keep it, for faster bomb throwing and the tiny bonus I get with juggling.

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