Promissory Notes

A comment in the Mining thread made me remember an idea I've had for the longest time, and one that I pretend is an actual mechanic IC already ( @Jurixe knows this more than anyone). What I propose is simple enough. Add a denizen office into the Isle of Delos, or even just a denizen in the Delosian Bank, that functions as follows -

GIVE 5000 GOLD TO <denizen>

<denizen> nods, taking a thick inventory ledger from a drawer in his desk.
<denizen> says to you, "Alright, hand over what we're taking custody of, and we'll provide the necessary paperwork. Nod to me when you're done."

GIVE <items/gold> TO <denizen>
"                                                   "
"                                                   "
NOD <denizen>

<denizen> pens a quick note on a certificate of fine stationery. After using an embossing press to stamp his seal into the corner, he hands it back to you.
<denizen> says to you, "Here you are. Simply direct the intended recipient of that lot of goods to bring this note to me here, and we'll hand everything over. A pleasure to provide our services, as always."

I think it'd be great for all sorts of things, from prizes in City/House competitions to business people handing over goods. I don't think it should function as a non-decay room for people, so at most I think anything in custody of the promissory office should be treated as being in stasis, a maximum of ten items, and only a maximum of five (5) notes requested by any one person at a time. Regarding commodities, herbs/minerals and gold, however, should be fine enough to keep for these purposes. Selling people the commodities for a room credit, for example.



    Still have the denizen in the Delosian Bank to redeem them, but have a shop of wonders item (a sheaf of promissory notes) that allows you to designate them on the fly. Include options for imbuing the note with credits and crowns. Proposed item cost - 4-6MC

  • Goes without saying, but I also think they should be flagged as pickpocketable.

  • I don't get it.

    I've thought about this idea for a while, and really. I don't get it.

    Pay 5000 gold to give somebody 1000 moss.

    Pay 5000 gold to give somebody 100000 gold.

    Even if the price was changed... Give x gold to provide y service.

    I might be missing something here, I'm certainly likely to be doing so. But why is this a good idea?

    Then you go on to suggest that these items include credits or crowns, and be subject to theft. Why would making credits and crowns subject to theft be a good idea? I just don't understand how this provides any benefit whatsoever, other than acting as a third-party by which we're forced to transact business. Why would I ever want to use a promissory note when I could deliver gold, goods, credits, or crowns directly?

    As I've said already, it's quite likely I am missing some point here, so I hope you can further explain your idea.

  • Seems like a business you guys already have the power to set up yourselves unless I'm missing something.
  • Basically, it's more or less a reskinned mail system. I like the idea of a 'bearer of this certificate may receive x whatever at this location' type transaction, along with the image that you're wealthy enough to send someone to get their goods from your warehouse.

    @Sarapis, while you're technically right, I'll go into more detail when I'm not late getting back from lunch crap

  • I can see mail being enough for things such as prizes in a scenario where you can't be only at the same time.

    As for people exchanging goods for gold and don't want to run the risk of them skimming out you can initiate trades. (HELP TRADE for restrictions)
  • It just seems pointless, to be honest. I can't see why most people would bother to use it.

    If you're handing it to them in person, just give them the goods instead or use the trade system. If you're mailing it to them, just mail the goods instead.
  • It's really flavor, is all it is. There are definitely mechanics ic to accomplish any trade scenario you'd want, there was just a small lack of a method for personal preference that has been well received by people ive mocked it up with. I like the image of scribbling an order on a piece of paper and telling someone to have your underlings take care of the particulars.

  • As to your comment about making them pickpocketable. It just sounds like an easier way for thieves to get larger rewards. If the denizen is pick pocketable they get more goods. If the promisary notes are pickpocetable the the if being the new bearer would get larger rewards. Just doesn't sound like I would want to pay someone 5000 gold to have it garunteed to be stolen
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