Sell a one-time No-Brainer bound Crown Package

Hi there,

My idea is to implement a Bound Crown no-brainer starter package. This allows the player a one-time purchase of bound Crowns directly from the site. The number of crowns should be up to the Garden, but considering the Cart of Wonders right now... it would sell. The player would get some bound Crowns at a favorable rate, but this could only be bought once. I am thinking 10 Bound Crowns at some dollar rate @Tecton and @Sarapis would like. That would allow at least one item from the Cart of Wonders or Shop of Wonders, even a really nice one.

This one-time would be good for consistency, considering lessons and Credits already have these. If the one-time bound Crown package was to be implemented NOW, that delightful Cart of Wonders would probably become considerably lighter -- at least up until next Serenade. Also, the Shop of Wonders has a ton of goodies right now, so I think even those not interested in the Cart of Wonders would still want to buy it.

Thank you for reading my idea.
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